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9th International Conference and Exhibition on
Device Packaging

Radisson Fort McDowell Resort and Casino
Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, Arizona USA

Conference and Technical Workshops
March 12-14, 2013
Exhibition and Technology Showcase
March 12-13, 2013
Professional Development Courses
March 11, 2013
GBC Spring Conference
March 10-11, 2013

In conjunction with the Global Business Council (GBC) Spring Conference, March 10-11

Courtesy of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Courtesy of US Army RDEDCOM AMRDEC

General Chair:

James Lu
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

General Chair-elect (PDCs):
Ron Huemoeller
Amkor Technology
Past General Chair (Panels):
Peter Elenius
E&G Technology Partners

3D & 2.5D Packaging
Topical Workshop
Flip Chip & Wafer Level Packaging
Topical Workshop
MEMS & Microsystems
Topical Workshop
LED Packaging for SSL
Topical Workshop
Technical Chair:
Rozalia Beica
Lam Research AG
Technical Chair:
Linda Bal
Freescale Semiconductor
Technical Chair:
Tracy Hudson
US Army
Technical Chair:
Thomas Goodman
E&G Technology Partners
Technical Co-Chair:
Peter Ramm
Fraunhofer EMFT
Technical Co-Chair:
Luu Nguyen
Texas Instruments
Technical Co-Chair:
Russell Shumway
Amkor Technology
Technical Co-Chair:
Bob Karlicek
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

2013 Exhibiting Companies

Exhibit Booths are now SOLD OUT1

Exhibition Details | Floorplan | 2012 Exhibitors
Global Business Council (GBC) Spring Conference
Spring Golf Invitational | Texas Hold'em Tournament

Device Packaging Exhibit and Technology Show:
IMAPS will hold a concurrent exhibition for vendors and suppliers who support the many aspects of Device Packaging at the related topical areas. This venue features an ideal atmosphere to showcase your products and services to key decision-making professionals in the industry. Sixty-five full 8' by 10' exhibit spaces will be available. The Exhibit Hall has sold out each year since 2006, and has sold-out again in 2013. Contact Brian Schieman by email at or by phone at 202-548-8715 with questions.


Here are the companies that have already reserved exhibit space:

Exhibitor Contact name Booth Booth Type Booth Category
3D Plus USA Dargnies Timothee Booth: 51 8 x 10 Corner
ACM Research, Inc. Lee Michael Booth: 29 8 x 10 Corner
AdTech Ceramics Wade Jim Booth: 26 8 x 10 In-Line
AGC Electronics America Stygar Vern Booth: 13 8 x 10 In-Line
AI Technology, Inc. Boersig Charles Booth: 35 8 x 10 In-Line
ALLVIA, Inc. Sparrer Natalie Booth: 39 8 x 10 In-Line
Amicra Microtechnologies GmbH Gisler Walter Booth: 63 8 x 10 In-Line
Amkor Technology Patterson Deborah S. Booth: 47 8 x 10 Corner
ASE Group MacLeod Patricia Booth: 50 8 x 10 Corner
ASM Pacific Technology, Ltd. Troche Bud Booth: 62 8 x 10 In-Line
Atotech USA, Inc. Roberts Hugh D Booth: 33 8 x 10 Corner
Axus Technology VanDevender Barrie Booth: 16 8 x 10 In-Line
Azimuth Electronics, Inc. Johnsen Kenneth C Booth: 41 8 x 10 In-Line
Boschman Technologies / Advanced Packaging Center Crane John H Booth: 49 8 x 10 In-Line
Canon USA, Inc. Shelton Doug Booth: 10 8 x 10 Corner
Chalman Technologies, Inc. Chalman Keith Booth: 3 8 x 20 In-Line
Cleanlogix LLC Lee John Booth: 57 8 x 10 In-Line
CMS Circuit Solutions, Inc. Steddom Clark Booth: 65 8 x 10 Corner
CPS Technologies Sullivan Bo Booth: 53 8 x 10 In-Line
Dow Electronic Materials Forman Robert S Booth: 36 8 x 10 In-Line
DYCONEX AG (shared with MSE) Stutz Melanie Booth: 15 8 x 10 Corner
Dynaloy Scheele Diane Booth: 60 8 x 10 In-Line
Endicott Interconnect Technologies Orband James Booth: 06 8 x 10 Corner
F&K Delvotec Inc. Bailey Rick Booth: 58 8 x 10 In-Line
Finetech, Inc. Gerard Adrienne Booth: 25 8 x 10 Corner
FRT of America, LLC Flynn Paul Booth: 07 8 x 10 In-Line
Hesse Mechatronics Bubel Joseph S Booth: 01 8 x 20 Corner
IMAT, Inc. Feigner Eric Booth: 05 8 x 10 Corner
Infinite Graphics Maitland Pete Booth: 19 8 x 10 Corner
Interconnect Systems, Inc. Thomas Joretta Booth: 48 8 x 10 In-Line
Kyocera America, Inc. Labadie Iris Booth: 22 8 x 10 In-Line
LINTEC of America Le Yukiyo Booth: 27 8 x 10 In-Line
Micro Hybrid Dimensions, Inc. Spradlin Greg Booth: 23 8 x 10 In-Line
Micro Systems Engineering GmbH (shared with Dyconex) Stutz Melanie Booth: 15 8 x 10 Corner
Micross Components Riordan John Booth: 64 8 x 10 In-Line
Mini-Systems, Inc. Tran Minh Booth: 31 8 x 10 In-Line
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Nagashima Megumi Booth: 24 8 x 10 Corner
NAMICS Corporation Jensen Richard C Booth: 42 8 x 10 Corner
nMode Solutions, Inc. Annas Steve Booth: 12 8 x 10 In-Line
Oneida Research Services, Inc. McEwen James Booth: 28 8 x 10 Corner
Pac Tech Packaging Technologies USA Sarkar Mausumi Booth: 54 8 x 10 Corner
Palomar Technologies, Inc. Sylvester Jessica Booth: 32 8 x 10 Corner
Polysciences, Inc. Gidzinski Ashley Booth: 56 8 x 10 In-Line
Pure Technologies, LLC Cohn Jerry Booth: 20 8 x 10 Corner
PVA TePla America, Inc. Chrysostomou Demetri Booth: 59 8 x 10 In-Line
Riv, Inc. Keefe Tania Booth: 30 8 x 10 In-Line
Rudolph Technologies, Inc. Pauling Amy Booth: 55 8 x 10 Corner
SANTIER Klun Leonard Booth: 34 8 x 10 In-Line
Sentec Electro Ceramic & Device Group Huang Jason Booth: 40 8 x 10 In-Line
SETNA Phillips Matt Booth: 45 8 x 10 In-Line
Sikama International, Inc. Skeen Phil Booth: 21 8 x 10 In-Line
Solid State Equipment Corporation Voltz John Booth: 38 8 x 10 Corner
Sonoscan, Inc. Lykowski Janet Booth: 61 8 x 10 In-Line
STATS ChipPAC, Inc. Lavin Lisa Booth: 52 8 x 10 In-Line
Surfx Technologies Weaver Gregg Booth: 8 8 x 10 In-Line
TDI International DeJean William Booth: 11 8 x 10 Corner
TechSearch International, Inc. Travelstead Becky Booth: 37 8 x 10 Corner
Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies Fletcher Sharon Booth: 46 8 x 10 Corner
Trace Laboratories, Inc. Pawluk Nick Booth: 9 8 x 10 In-Line
Unisem Group Chiu Gil Booth: 18 8 x 10 In-Line
West Bond, Inc. Witters Lorri Booth: 43 8 x 10 Corner
XIA, LLC McNally Brendan Booth: 17 8 x 10 In-Line
XYZTEC Schade Dirk Booth: 44 8 x 10 In-Line
Yole Developpement Favre Camille Booth: 14 8 x 10 Corner
Booth Count:



Contact Brian Schieman by email at or by phone at 202-548-8715.


DPC/GBC Premier Sponsors:

DPC/GBC Premier Sponsor: Solid State Equipment Corp.

DPC/GBC Premier Sponsor: Amkor Technology

DPC/GBC Premier Sponsor: ASE US, Inc.


Sponsor - Post-Conference Presentations USB Drives:

ALLVIA - Event Sponsor

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Applied Materials - Event Sponsor

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Hole Sponsor: NAMICS

Sponsor - 3D Panel:
3D Panel Sponsor: Invensas

Sponsor: SANTIER

Sponsor: Dow Corning

Sponsor: Lam Research

Sponsor - Refreshment Breaks:
SETNA Corporation - Coffee Break & Golf Sponsor

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STATSChipPAC - Coffee Break Sponsor

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Sikama - Coffee Break Sponsor

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Kyocera - GBC Speaker Dinner Sponsor


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"Eagle" Golf Sponsor: Solid State Equipment Corp.

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"Birdie" Golf Sponsor: Amkor Technology

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Golf Hole Sponsor: NAMICS

Golf Hole Sponsor: Infinite Graphics

Golf Hole Sponsor: SETNA

3D Panel Sponsor: Invensas

Golf Hole Sponsor: Coining Inc/SPM

Golf Hole Sponsor: AGC Electronics America

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Student Paper Competition

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