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Design and Fabrication of Terahertz Wave Control Devices by Micro-Stereolithography
Keywords: Micro-stereolithography, Dielectric Ceramic Structure, Terahertz Wave Control
In near future, electromagnetic waves in a terahertz (THz) frequency range with micrometer order wavelength will be expected to apply for various types of novel sensors which can detect gun powders, drugs, bacteria in foods, micro cracks in electric devices, cancer cells in human skin and other physical, chemical and living events. To control THz waves, micro meter order electromagnetic devices for cavities, filters and antennas will be necessary. In this study, photonic crystals and fractals with three-dimensional dielectric structures were fabricated in order to control THz waves effectively by using micro-stereolithography of a CAD/CAM process. The photonic crystals with a diamond structure composed of acrylic lattice with or without Al2O3 nanosized particles dispersion were fabricated. The micrometer order periodic structures exhibit perfect band gaps in THz frequency range. The photonic fractals with the self-similar structure of dielectric medium can localize electromagnetic wave energy. Menger-sponge fractal structures composed of acrylic resin with or without Al2O3 particles were also fabricated. In the micro-sterereolithography process, the photo sensitive resin paste with or without ceramic particles dispersion was spread on a grass substrate with 5 to 10 m in layer thickness by using a mechanical knife edge, and two-dimensional images of UV ray were exposed by using DMD (Digital Micro-mirror Device) with 2 m in part accuracy. Through the layer by layer stacking process, micrometer order three-dimensional structures were formed. Dense Al2O3 structures were obtained by successive dewaxing and sintering in an air atmosphere. The electromagnetic wave properties of these samples were measured by using a THz spectroscopy device. The propagation and localization behavior of THz waves in photonic crystals and fractals composed of acrylic polymer, Al2O3, and their composite will be reported.
Soshu Kirihara, Associate Professor
Osaka University
Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0047,

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