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Flip Chip Ultrasonic Gold to Gold Interconnect for Small Die using Organic Substrates
Keywords: Gold to Gol Interconnect, Flip Chip, Mobile Device Packaging
Flip chip ultrasonic gold to gold interconnect (GGI) is an alternative die attach process to gold wire bonding where factor form and electrical performance is important to the packaged device. The gold wire stitch is replaced by a gold stud bump using a gold stud bumping process tool. The die mounting and attach is done using a flip chip ultrasonic bonding process tool. Flip chip process uses the entire die array area rather than wire bonding perimeter interconnect. The flip chip process allows shorter electrical high performances interconnect and provides mechanical form factor size reduction up to 70% compared to gold wire bonding process. Flip Chip ultrasonic GGI is a low die stress attach method and can be used to bond die with thickness as thin as 100 m. The consumer market is driving the market for ever smaller packaged devices. The mounting accuracy of the GGI process is +/- 10 m. The availability of 100N load head and improved ultrasonic control has allowed flip chip die attach for 100 bump dies with gold ball diameters of 60 microns. In this abstract ultrasonic flip chip GGI process is used to reduce the number of flip chip manufacturing steps and die attach to low cost FR4 organic substrates. Ultrasonic die attach uses low temperature bonding between ambient and 80◦ C. which is desirable in bonding to low cost substrate materials. FR4 substrates do have properties to absorb ultrasonic energy. It is necessary to optimize load, ultrasonic power, temperature, over time, to successful bond die to organic substrates. Mobile products and sensor device products require good cost performance. Ultrasonic GGI flip chip die attach is demonstrated as a high reliability process method using FR 4 substrates to meet the cost performance requirements of mobile device packaging.
Philip Couts, Sales and Marketing Manager
TDK Corporation of America
Mount Prospect, IL

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