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Highly Efficient Thermoelectric Materials: Nanolayered Nanocrystals
Keywords: Thermoelectric, Peltier, Heat Conversion
We have developed, in house, a technology to produce Nanolayers of Nanocrystals of various materials within selected host materials. The layered structure produced contains a periodic system of two layers; A) host material along with selected species, B) the host material alone. The nanocrystals (quantum dots) were produced along the direction of MeV ion beam, passing through the nanolayered structure (one dimensionally regimented QD), using the incident ion energy loss due to ionization of substrate. One such system consists of nanolayers (Quantum Well) of Nano-Crystals (Quantum Dots) to generate optical filters (OF) with variable window as well as highly efficient thermoelectric generators (TEG) or highly efficient Peltier Device. To produce such highly efficient thermoelectric material, we had to enhance the electrically conductive as well as the thermal insulation and increase the Seebeck Coefficient. In some of the nanolayered structures (material systems) we had to dope the nanolayers using keV ion implantation followed by MeV bombardment. In other materials systems we did not have a need to dope the nanolayered structure. We will present our finding on the dependence of the thermal conductivity (using 3ntechnique), electrical conductivity (using Van der Pauw method), and the Seebeck coefficient for the following systems Bi2Te3 / Sb2Te3 & Si 1-x Ge x / Si , SiO2Au/SiO2 and BixTe3/Sb2Te3. Acknowledgement: Research sponsored by the Center for Irradiation of Materials, Alabama A&M University and by the AAMURI Center for Advanced Propulsion Materials under the contract number NNM06AA12A from NASA, and by National Science Foundation under Grant No. EPS-0447675.
Daryush Ila, Executive Director/Professor
Alabama A&M University Research Institute
Normal, AL

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