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A Generalized Wide Band Model for 3D Multi-Chip Microwave Integrated Circuits and Packaging Technique Adaptable to Satellite Applications
Keywords: MMIC Packaging, 3D Integration, Multi-Chip Model
Next generation satellite systems are geared towards traditional satellite busses, “Small Sat” and more recently “Micro Sat” bus concepts, which extensively need the use of “On Board Processors” (OBP). Most of these satellite systems are designed to operate in L,C, Ku and Ka frequency bands and deploy both analogue and digital processors with increased functionality and flexibility in less available space. Efficient cost effective solutions providing enhancements in payload processor mass, and size whilst maintaining electrical performance over a wide frequency band can be accomplished by deploying advanced technologies. These include utilizing mature multilayer circuit board (MLPCB) technology, (incorporating integrated passive elements), integrated with multi-chip RF functional modules. This paper describes a high fidelity multi-chip MMIC package modeling approach, which offers significant improvement in performance predictions and performance correlation between analytical models and test data. The increased level of integration and multiple functionality afforded by this design approach enables potential savings in mass, size and cost of the functional modules. The technique uses a combination of lumped element and distributed element transmission line approaches to characterize circuit elements and inter-layer transitions within multilayer printed circuit board (MLPCB) with its attributes developed to cover a wide operating frequency band. The model also includes effects of processing techniques, interconnects and 3D RF integration topology (e.g.: package surface mount attachment processes, wire bond interconnects and multilayer wide band RF via transitions). The developed equivalent circuit model addresses RF, mechanical and processing attributes of a MMIC package / MLPCB assembly to derive design parameters adaptable to wide ranging applications. The equivalent circuit mode is further validated with measured results. To date, the model has been verified for different wide band active and passive microwave networks.
Arvind Swarup, Principal Member Technical Staff
Cambridge, Ontario N1R 7H6,

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