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High-Efficiency Class-F Amplifier Design with Stacked Stab Structure in Multi-layer Package
Keywords: class-F amplifier, stab impedancematching design, multilayer package
High-efficiency class-F power amplifier design with multi-layer stab matching circuits has been investigated. Harmonic load-pull simulation until 9-order harmonic frequency indicates the compact impedance-matching stab structure for a load of the high efficiency amplifier. The radio frequency class-F amplifier has been theoretically predicted to have 100-% efficiency by means of its load impedance such as short for even harmonic frequencies, open for odds. However, in fact it is hard to realize such a high efficiency. The impedance matching design for high-order harmonics and compact implementation of the complex matching circuits are key points. The micro-strip-line 1/4-wavelength stab structure is effective for the matched load impedance. When the impedance of microstrip stab lines is designed to match for frequency raging from low- to high-order harmonics, the high efficiency cannot be achieved as far as using 1 layer, nor area of matching circuits is shrunk. In this work, multi-layer structure involving both stab layers and vias is proposed and designed. Several 1/4-wavelength microstrip-line stabs in each layer correspond to optimal matching load for several harmonic frequencies, then each layer is stacked and connected with interlayer vias. For high-efficiency operation, the widths, lengths of stab and via, and total load impedance of them are simulated and discussed with load-pull characteristics at until 9-order harmonics. The measured parameters of fabricated RF-CMOS amplifiers are used for power efficiency evaluation. Simulation results show that class-F CMOS amplifier with the multilayer designed stab/via load is a candidate for GHz-band high-efficiency power amplifier.
Michio Yokoyama, Associate Professor
Yamagata University
Yonezawa, Yamagata 992-8510,

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