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Mobile PCI Express Graphics Module (MXM) 3.0 Specification: Thermo-Mechanical Interchangeability
Keywords: MXM, Specification, Mobile
The Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM) graphics specification defines standardized form factors and attributes for Notebook Graphics Cards enabling predictable upgradability through mechanical, thermal, and Software consistency. MXM was launched by the industry about 4 years ago with Revision 1.0 which laid the fundamental vision and first generation of MXM graphics cards that had fixed form factors and electrical interfaces. Revision 2.0 had several significant updates; most significant was a structured Software interface that enabled additional MXM flexibility and features. Now the MXM 3.0 specification has been released after a cross industry partnership incorporating customers and development partner’s feedback to improve and expand all aspects of MXM. Specifically, MXM version 3.0 specification for thermals and mechanicals enables interchangeability of MXM graphics cards from alternate manufacturers with a single thermal solution (i.e. universality). A notebook system integrator will now be able to design a single thermal solution and be assured that it is mechanically and thermally compatible with all MXM graphics cards provided the module is also MXM version 3.0 compliant and of the same or lower Total Graphics Power (TGP). The presentation will begin by reviewing the evolution of MXM from the incept of Version 1.0 to now,V3.0. The primary focus of the presentation will be the details of the thermo-mechanical aspects of the 3.0 specification including the impact the updated requirements will have on cooler design and system integration. Finally, presentation will touch on present activities including reference cooling designs and compliance metrics.
Joe Walters, Sr. System Engineer
Santa Clara, CA

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