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Electrical Characterization of High Count, 10 m Pitch, Room-Temperature Vertical Interconnections
Keywords: Vertical, Interconnect, 3D
In order to increase the format of heterogeneous staring area arrays to 2K*2K pixels or even larger complexities, limited substrate size and cost reduction considerations make mandatory the reduction of the pixel size, but the mastering of ultra-fine pitch and high count flip chip bonding technology represents a challenge [1]. To overcome the planarity and thermal mismatch issues while reducing the bonding thermo-compression forces, a new room-temperature insertion technology has been proposed and developed [2]. This study gives first measured interconnection yield and serial access resistance of 2Kx2K, 10m pitch hybridized arrays fabricated using the proposed flip-chip technique, connection results are discussed (access resistance, connection yield). A comparative study proves that parallelism during insertion is a key parameter and that, provided a perfect parallelism control is insured, the tube insertion technique is scalable to complexities of over four million connections, with pixel pitches down to 5m and even less. Hence, a low temperature dedicated insertion concept could possibly be applied to 3D interstrata interconnections to help solve the cumulative high temperature cycles issues encountered when using more conventional high temperature processes. [1]: L. Kozlowski Progress in Ultra-Low Noise Hybrid and Monolithic FPAs for Visible and Infrared- Astrophysics and Space -Science Library- vol. 300 pp123-130 [2]: D. Saint-Patrice, F. Marion and all. New Reflow Soldering and Tip in Buried Box (TB2) Techniques For Ultrafine Pitch Megapixels Imaging Array Proceedings Orlando FL2008 Electronic Components and Technology Conference pp 46-53.
Francois Marion, Senior Expert
Grenoble 38054,

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