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Development of High Die Count Spacerless Film based NAND Stacked Chip Scale Packages
Keywords: 8 stacked die, spacerless film stacking, high density embedded NAND
The paper represented by this abstract details collaborative work performed by Intel and Amkor on the development and production of high die count, land-grid-array (LGA) memory packages for embedded data storage applications. The continuing need to provide high density NAND solutions in small form factors drives advanced packaging technologies, including multiple die stacking and aggressive die thinning, which are often used to enable product solutions that cannot be addressed by Silicon node advances alone. Although up to 8 die NAND stacks in a single package are available in the market, most of these are targeted towards removable media applications (such as SD/micro-SD cards and USB drives) wherein reliability requirements are not as stringent as the embedded segment. Intel and Amkor have successfully developed, certified, and mass produced, what is understood as the industry's first 8 die all-NAND wire-bonded die stack that utilizes spacerless film technology, to enable a 16GB solution in a 12x20x1.47 mm package profile. In contrast to the few existing high die count NAND stacked packages in the embedded space, the application of spacerless film (necessitated by die fit considerations due to dual-sided WB configuration on some NAND silicon) presents multiple challenges at assembly, which will be detailed in the paper. Additionally, potential issues/fixes related to die stacking, thin die processing/handling at wafer prep and die attach, wire loop considerations, thin substrate handling, and vacuum molding will be discussed. Assembly yield performance indicators during mass production will also be addressed.
Gunaranjan Viswanathan, NSG Package Pathfinding
Intel Corp.
Folsom, CA

  • Amkor
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