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High Temperature DC-DC Buck Converters for Point-of-Load (POL) Applications
Keywords: High Temperature Electronics, DC-DC Buck Converter, PWM Controller
This paper will present ETNA and VESUVIO, the first two DC-DC Converters from CISSOID. Both are operating reliably from -55°C to +225°C. They are non-isolated DC-DC Converters targeting Point-of-Load (POL) applications in automotive, oil & gas, aerospace and Industrial markets. ETNA implements a Buck (step-down) DC-DC converter with proven CISSOID products as active components. It can provide output voltages going from 2.5V to 25V while driving loads from 10mA to 1A across the entire operating temperature range. Its input voltage can extend from 7V to 30V while providing very good line regulation, load regulation as well as output voltage drift with temperature. Power efficiencies up to 85% have been achieved, depending of the input voltage, load current and temperature (up to 225°C). The paper will describe the Input Feedforward architecture enabling the very good DC line regulation and a fast response to input transients. Multi-Chip Modules (MCM) based on ETNA, developed by CISSOID’s partner CMAC MicroTechnology, will be introduced. VESUVIO is the next generation of DC-DC Converters based on a single-chip DC-DC Controller named MAGMA. The paper will address the integration of the PWM controller, Voltage Reference and Regulator as well as high- and low-side drivers that control the external MOSFET’s. Lower power consumption of the control circuits boosts the efficiency in excess of 90%. Switching frequency up to 500KHz allows to decrease the size of the passive components. The DC-DC Converter accepts input voltage from 5V to 35V and can deliver up to 4A. Additional functionalities as soft-start capability, power-good indication, under-voltage lockout, external clock synchronization, and disable mode will also be described.
Pierre Delatte, CTO
Brabant Wallon 1435,

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