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A High-Temperature, High-Voltage Linear Regulator in 0.8-m BCD-on-SOI
Keywords: High Temperature Electronics, Linear Voltage Regulator, SOI
Voltage Regulator is an essential analog block of analog integrated circuit, the function of voltage regulator is to provide a noiseless and stable output voltage regardless of load current variation. The demand of high temperature electronics has been predicted having almost a factor of 10 increment in the past decade, demand of automotive electronics contribute 70% of total demand of high temperature electronics, however, very few high temperature voltage regulators are available, this research presents a high temperature linear voltage regulator targeted for automotive application, the off-chip discrete components can be minimized by using linear regulator approach. SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) fabrication process technology offers a better solution for analog electronic operates at elevated temperature by suppressing leakage current, nevertheless, a temperature stable reference current is extremely important for biasing error amplifier, a temperature stable current biases error amplifier will maintain the power consumption, dc open loop gain and stability across the wide temperature range, this work also presents a on-chip temperature stable current reference for biasing error amplifier, Both error amplifier and voltage regulator will benefit from the temperature stable current reference. The linear voltage regulator consists of a 2.2V bandgap voltage reference circuit, error amplifier (folded-cascode OTA), voltage buffer, feedback resistor, frequency compensation circuit, temperature stable current reference circuit, Shunt Pre-Regulator and a HV NMOSFET Pass Transistor. A prototype of high temperature linear regulator is designed, fabricated in a commercially available BCD-on-SOI process (0.8-micron, 2-poly and 3-metal). The design supports an input dc power supply voltage range of 10 V to 45 V and maximum operating temperature of 175C. The linear regulator provides an output voltage of 5.3 V at room temperature and can supply a maximum output load current of 200 mA, the output voltage of this regulator will supply the lower-side buffer of Gate-Driver circuit.
Chiahung Su, Graduate Research Assistant
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN

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