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NanoChromics™ Printed Security Solutions Applications to Anti-Counterfeit, Identification, and Authentication Applications
Keywords: Anti-Counterfeit, Identification/Authentification , Electro-Optic Effects
The rapid advancements in printed electronics allow for the creation of low-cost, application-specific printed electrochromic devices integrating sensing, logic, communication, storage/memory, electro-optic effects and power sources. NanoChromics displays (NCD™) are uniquely suited to provide these electro-optic effects for a wide range of designs. NCD designs are based on solid-state electrochromic phenomena incorporating advancement in molecular technology in the form of electrochromic molecules and nanomaterial formulations. They create self-erasing, metastable (persistent image), and irreversible, color changes. This makes NCD-based solutions perfect for security applications, spanning utilities utility functions such as identification, fighting counterfeiting, integrity, and non-repudiation. These ability to be powered by RFID and NFC sources, as well as solar and other harvesting solutions, allows the inclusion of these solutions in a wide range of form factors. The manufacture of these displays uses a purely additive all-print process and can be made using industry-standard printing methods (ink-jet, flexographic and screen,-printing) on substrates varying from polyester films to paper to PCB. NCD designs can be used for security applications including one time passcodes for two factor authentication, dynamic color changes for covert-to-overt authentication, dynamic high resolution biometric images, tamper detectors, watermarkings, device trackers, dataloggers, and exception event logging. NTERA's inks have been designed to mix readily with existing security ink and film solutions enabling further advanced solutions. This presentation will introduce the principles of operations of NCD designs and highlight the potential use in advanced applications.
Dr. Alain C. Briancon, Chief Technology Officer
Poolesville, MD

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