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New Ferro L8 LTCC System Ready for High Reliability Electronic Packaging Applications
Keywords: LTCC, Electronic Packaging, High frequency Application
Ferro glass and conductor core competencies have combined to develop a unique and superior electronic packaging system. Recent advances have resulted in a new mechanically robust packaging system for high frequency packaging applications. The new system is called L8 and is the result of Ferro glass technology combined with Ferro expertise in conductive pastes. Packaging of complex, high reliability electronic devices require ceramic multilayer systems that can be co- fired with low loss conductors to form a hermetic environment. This is necessary as the device will be required to perform reliably in a harsh environment for extended periods of time. Devices used in satellite, avionics and shipboard applications are just a few examples of applications where packaging of this type is a requirement. L8 is based on a glass ceramic system with excellent low loss characteristics that have been measured up to 30 GHz. It has the further advantages of excellent tensile and flexural strength. The newly developed conductors and tape system provide a range of design options including the potential to significantly lower cost without sacrificing reliability for high volume manufacturing. Our paper will introduce the L8 dielectric along with 4 conductor systems that comprise the L8 LTCC System. The conductor systems are: 1) an all gold conductor system for the most demanding applications where reliability is most critical 2) a mixed metal system that incorporates silver internal metallization, transition vias and gold surface metallization 3) an all silver metallization system for lowest cost applications where wire bonding is not required 4) a plateable silver system using all silver co fired metallization with external surfaces plateable by nickel and gold.
Ed Graddy, R&D Manager
Ferro Corporation
Vista, CA

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