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300mm Scaling of Critical Silicon Etches for Image Sensor Wafer-Level Packaging Based on Tessera’s MVP (TSV) Technology
Keywords: plasma etch, 300mm processing, wafer-level packaging
Miniature, high performance camera modules are found in a range of consumer devices including phones, PDAs, cameras and gaming consoles. According to Gartner the $1B image sensor market will grow to $2.3B by 2013. Image sensor packaging technologies are increasingly required to deliver greater reliability within smaller form factors. Tessera's OptiML™ Micro Via Pad (MVP) wafer-level packaging technology is in production on 200mm wafers. This paper will report on the first joint activity that scales this technology to 300mm. We focus on three critical silicon etches that form the back-bone of the structure. These etches are carried out from the wafer back-side while bonded to a glass carrier. First there is a blanket dry etch. This removes stress introduced by the back-grind. Uniformity control to <±5% is essential for this process. Second, after a lithography step, tapered silicon trenches are etched forming streets to a certain depth. The trench etch uniformity is critical because it defines the depth range for the subsequent Vias. Profile control is needed to ease the subsequent spray-coat lithography. Lastly, vias are then etched down to metal bond pads on the device side of the wafer. CD and taper control is required here both within wafer and between wafers. End-pointing represents a way of ensuring process reproducibility. In 2010 Tessera carried out 300mm demos with key suppliers. As part of this activity SPTS scaled the above critical silicon etches. The wafers were further processed into functional die. We will describe the etch equipment used, report on the critical processes developed emphasizing the relationships between 200mm and 300mm results and the essential control parameters. We will also demonstrate successful scaling by including data on the electrical performance of packaged devices.
Dave Thomas, Marketing Director - Etch Products
SPP Process Technology Systems Ltd.
Newport, Gwent NP18 2TA,
United Kingdom

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