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HADES: A High Temperature Gate Driver Solution for SiC-Based Multi-KW Converters
Keywords: High Temperature Electronics, Gate Driver, Silicon Carbide (SiC)
This paper will present HADES Gate Driver which provides a new solution to efficiently drive Silicon-Carbide (SiC) devices in multi-KW converters. It will discuss how it allows to get the full benefits of SiC technology having the gate driver circuits located very close to the power transistors: thanks to lower parasitic inductances, it will enable smaller switching times and subsequently higher efficiency. Higher operating temperature for both the gate driver and the power transistors also allow to dramatically reduce the size and weight of the system thanks to reduced cooling. Finally, the paper will describe how this reference design is built from a new chipset especially developed for this purpose and designed to operate up to 225°C: THEMIS, ATLAS and RHEA. ATLAS is a push-pull driver stage able to sink or source up to 4A to the gate of the power transistors. The propagation time has been optimized (30ns typ.) so that up to 5 ATLAS chips can be controlled in parallel, bringing the output current up to 20A for use in very high power converters. THEMIS implements dedicated functions including active miller clamping, desaturation fault detection, undervoltage lockout, voltages and timing generation as well as the control logic to manage the exchange of control inputs and fault detection with the main controller. These signals are magnetically isolated from the host through RHEA, a dual-channel transceiver. RHEA implements a 2MBit/s data transmission with a galvanic isolation of 2.5kV through a tiny pulse transformer. HADES also includes an isolated DC-DC converter based on MAGMA PWM controller. This isolated power supply has been optimized to power up the low side and high-side drivers. Both RHEA and the isolated power supply are optimized to provide immunity to extreme dV/dt, as high as 50kV/µs.
Jean-Christophe Doucet, VP Marketing & Business Development
Mont-saint-Guibert, Brabant Wallon 1435,

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