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STROMBOLI: A New Platform for Isolated DC-DC Converters with Reliable Operation from -55°C up to 225°C
Keywords: High Temperature Electronics, DC-DC Converter, Isolated Flyback converter
A reliable power supply is critical in every electronic system, and designing rugged power supplies for harsh temperature environments is a real challenge. First because the performances of standard power transistors degrade rapidly with temperature. In addition, power supplies are subjected to self-heating, which further increases the junction and ambient temperatures of the electronic components. At last, the electrical characteristics and reliability of passive components also dramatically degrade with temperature. To help high temperature designers, CISSOID decided not only to provide them with active components reliable at 225°C and above, but also to demonstrate how efficient switched mode power supplies (SMPS) can be built with CISSOID components. This paper will focus on a new high-temperature isolated DC-DC converter platform called STROMBOLI. It will also discuss how this converter can be associated with the various solutions proposed by CISSOID for Point-of-Load (PoL) regulators, that can be either linear or switched mode. STROMBOLI has been optimized to efficiently convert input voltages up to 400V into multiple output voltages up to +/-25V. As an example, in a +/-12V symmetrical output configuration, standard STROMBOLI can deliver 25W with efficiencies up to 70% at 225°C.The galvanic isolation between input and outputs is at least 10MOhms at 500V. As the main objective of this development was to provide designers with a solution highly flexible, scalable, and easily adaptable to their specific requirements, we selected for a well-known and robust flyback architecture. Efficiency has been optimized thanks to synchronous rectification. However it can be replaced by a standard rectification in order to reduce the bill-of-material (BOM). A magnetic feedback provides the output voltage temperature stability and the load regulation. STROMBOLI also includes an Under-Voltage-Lockout (UVLO) function and the pulse-by-pulse current sensing provides intrinsic output current limitation in case of overload or short-circuits. STROMBOLI is a state-of-the-art, turnkey reference design suitable for 225°C reliable operation.
Pierre Delatte, CTO
Mont-saint-Guibert, Brabant Wallon 1435,

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