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>1200 V, >50A Silicon Carbide Super Junction Transistor
Keywords: Silicon Carbide, Switch, Power Semiconductor
The high-temperature (> 200 °C) blocking voltage, on-state and switching performance of recently fabricated 1200 V-class, 4H-SiC Super Junction Transistors (SJT) will be presented in this paper. The SiC SJT developed by GeneSiC is a Normally-OFF, Gate oxide-free transistor, which can be operated in a Gate-voltage or Gate-current control mode. Unlike competing SiC transistor technologies, the Super Junction Transistor is designed to successfully exploit many superior properties of 4H-SiC resulting in operating temperatures > 250 ° C, high DC figure of merit (VB2/ron,sp), and ultra-fast switching transients. The SJT avoids the gate-oxide reliability issues associated with MOSFETs, especially at high temperatures and yet provides superior on-state characteristics over normally-ON SiC JFETs, especially at temperatures in excess of 150 °C. In this work, SJTs with chip areas of 4 mm2 and 16 mm2 were fabricated. Nearly temperature independent Drain-Source blocking voltages as high as 1400 V and Drain-Gate blocking voltages as high as 1650 V were measured on the fabricated SJTs up to temperatures as high as 250 °C. A modest increase in the device on-resistance from 5.8 mΩ-cm2 at 25 °C to 9.5 mΩ-cm2 at 200 °C was recorded. For a 4 mm2 SJT, a Drain current of 9.8 A required minimum Gate input currents of 125 mA and 200 mA at 25 °C and 175 °C, respectively. The SJT provides a desirable normally-OFF circuit operation, with a + 2.65 V Gate threshold voltage at 25 °C, which decreases to + 2.3 V at 200 °C. Detailed results from high-temperature electrical characterization of the SJTs including switching performance after packaging and demonstration of an inductively loaded chopper circuit with SiC SJTs will be presented in the full paper.
Ranbir Singh, President
GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.
Dulles, VA

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