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High Temperature Silicon-on-Insulator Gate Driver for SiC-FET Power Modules
Keywords: gate driver, high temperature electronics, power modules
SiC power semiconductors have the capability of greatly outperforming Si-based power devices. Faster switching and smaller on-state losses coupled with higher voltage blocking and temperature capabilities, make SiC a very attractive semiconductor for high performance, high power density power modules. However, the temperature capabilities and increased power density are fully utilized only when the gate driver is placed next to the SiC devices. This requires the gate driver to successfully operate under these extreme conditions with reduced or no heat sinking requirements, allowing the full realization of a high efficiency high power density SiC power module. In addition, since SiC devices are usually connected in a half or full bridge configuration, the gate driver should provide electrical isolation between the high and low voltage sections of the driver itself. Gate drivers Integrated Circuits (IC) for SiC-FET power modules have been reported to be tested at 200 degrees Celsius(1) but without indication of any isolation method. This paper presents a 225 degrees Celsius operable, Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) high temperature; high voltage gate driver IC for SiC devices designed and fabricated in a 1 μm, partially depleted, CMOS process. The presented gate driver consists of a primary and a secondary side which are electrically isolated by the use of a novel amplitude modulation method. The gate driver can operate with up to a 30 V power supply with 20 A peak current capability and has been tested successfully up to 225 degrees Celsius. (1)Huque, M.A., Tolbert, L.M., Blalock, B.J., Islam, S.K.: “Silicon-on-insulator-based high-voltage, high-temperature integrated circuit gate driver for silicon carbide-based power field effect transistors”. IET Power Electronics 2010, Vol. 3, Iss. 6, pp. 1001-1009.
Javier A. Valle Mayorga, Ph.D. Student
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR

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