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A Comparison of Normally-OFF & Normally-ON SiC VJFETs for High Temperature Modules
Keywords: Silicon Carbide, JFET, High Temperature
Silicon carbide (SiC) power devices used to build high temperature modules expand the opportunities for power electronics used in extreme environments or allow for simplified cooling systems in more conventional temperature range environments. For the first time, the new 9mm2, 45mOhm, 1200V depletion-mode SiC vertical trench JFET will be presented. Additionally, a comparative analysis to a nearly identical 1200V SiC power JFET will be examined. Precisely controlled variation of the source finger dimensions and channel doping by just 10% allows for the creation of either a normally-on (depletion-mode) or a normally-off (enhancement-mode) device with identical die size (9mm2), cross-sectional structure, and extremely low specific RDS(ON) (2.5 - 3 mOhm•cm2). While both JFETs are capable of high temperature operation; the high IDSAT of the depletion-mode JFET allows for a lower RDS(ON) over a much wider temperature range. The 9mm2, 1200V depletion-mode JFET exhibits a maximum RDS(ON) < 150mOhm over a temperature range of 200C. Also the gate drive requirements for maintaining a forward gate current during conduction can be reduced to negligible values if operating the normally-on JFET at VGS = 0V. This becomes an important design constraint for designers when high power modules using multiple die in parallel are necessary. In the full paper the static and dynamic performance, including gate driver considerations, will be reviewed. Application suggestions will also be provided based on the individual advantages for each type of device.
Robin Schrader, Applications Engineer
SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc.
Starkville, MS

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