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Miniaturized Fiber Optic Transmitter, Receiver, and Transceiver with High Quality for Special Military and Commercial Applications
Keywords: Miniaturized Fiber Optic TX, RX, and TRX, Chip scale package, Hybrid technologies
Currently, a great number of fiber optic devices have been developed and utilized in numerous commercial and military applications. These fiber optic devices, however, are constantly challenged and even limited by many speical application needs due to their lackness, shortcoming, and limition in big device size, shortage in compactness and ruggedness, limit in operational temperature range, and need of discrete opticl component for efficient optic coupling. It is motivated to overcome the above disadvantages that Teledyne Microelectronic Technology (TMT) have devoted on develping a new generation of chip scale packaged fiber optic devices by using a number of our propriatory hybrid packaging technologies. Thus far, the initial batch of chip scale packaged devices have been successfully developed and utilized in a few special military and commercial projects. These devices have demonstrated the following unique features: (1)miniaturized device sise of 0.38x0.38x0.10 inch3; (2) flexible operational speed from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps; (3) high compactness and ruggedness to withstand harsh shock and vibration tests; (4)extended opterational temperature rnage of -45 C to +105 C; and (5) no need for discrete optical coupling comonent. In this paper the device design, fabrication, test, and qualification are addressed. In addition, the future development is also discussed.
Golden Shu, Chief Opto-Electronical Engineer
Teledyne Microelectronic Technology (TMT)
Los Angeles, CA

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