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Molded Core Device Embedded Package for PoP Application
Keywords: Device Embedded Package, PoP, Package Warpage
Along with miniaturization and high functionality of electronics, 3D structure has been investigated. There are many ways of 3D structure. For the PoP application, molded core embedded package was developed. MCeP, Molded Core embedded Package, consists of base substrate, upper substrate and molding resin. These substrates material is conventional organic base. Bare IC devices without re-routing are mounted on inner surface of base substrate by flip chip bonding or die attach with wire bonding. Upper substrate and base substrate are connected electrically by copper core solder balls. The space between upper and base substrate is encapsulated by molding resin. Assembling MCeP structure, it was possible to shrink package size and maintain warpage less than 80um. For PoP application less than 1.4mm total height, conventional MCeP was adopted. Conventional MCeP thickness was 555um. Base substrate was build up structure and thickness was 250um. Upper substrate was conventional 2 conductor layer substrate and 140um thickness. Embedded layer thickness was 165um with 55um thickness IC device. The amount of warpage change along with temperature change was very small. MCeP has another beneficial characteristic. It is relatively easy to embedded passive components with IC devices. To increase electrical performance, chip capacitor was embedded in MCeP. Power-GND impedance was confirmed by simulation and actual measurement. Also, MCeP thermal simulation and actual measurement was performed. Conventional MCeP structure and new structure with copper lid were investigated. For the PoP application less than 1.2mm total height, thinner MCeP was evaluated. MCeP total thickness was around 400um. Using thinner base substrate and upper substrate with narrow embedded layer, 400um MCeP was realized. Warpage simulation and actual measurement was carried out. To minimize MCeP warpage, substrate material selection and thickness control was signified. For thinner PoP application, less than 1.0mm, new MCeP structure has been investigated.
Tetsuya Koyama, Chief Researcher
Shinko Electric Industries Co., LTD.
Nagano-City, Nagano 3810014

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