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Next Generation eWLB (Embedded Wafer Level BGA): Advanced 3D SiP Packaging Solution
Keywords: Fanout wafer level packaging, 3D SiP, Embedding Technology
Current and future demands of mobile/portable electronic systems in terms of performance, power consumption, reliable system at a reasonable price are met by developing advanced/appropriate silicon process technology, innovative packaging solutions with use of chip-package-system co-design, low cost materials, advanced assembly and reliable interconnect technologies. In this article packaging evolution for hand held application is discussed with special focus on next generation chip embedding technology called eWLB in detail. To meet the above said challenges eWLB was developed which offers additional space for routing higher I/O chips on top of Silicon chip area which is not possible in conventional WLP or WLB. It also offers comparatively better electrical, thermal and reliability performance at reduced cost with possibility to address more Moore [decreasing technology nodes with low-k dielectrics in SoC] and more than Moore [heterogeneous integration of chips with different wafer technology as SiP solution in multi die or 3D eWLB approaches]. Currently 1st generation eWLB technology is available in the industry with 200mm and 300mm carrier size. This paper will highlight some of the recent advancements in progress development and mechnical characterization in component level and board level reliaiblity of next generation eWLB technologies of double-side 3D eWLB. Standard JEDEC tests were carried out to investigate component level reliability and both destructive/non-destructive analysis was performed to investigate potential structural defects. Daisychain Test vehicles were prepared and also tested for drop and TcoB (Temperature on Board) reliaiblity in industry standard test conditions. There was significant improvement of characteristic lifetime with thined eWLB in TcoB performance because of its enhanced flexibility of package. And there was study of board level reliabiilty with underfill in SMT for large size eWLB packages. This paper will also present study of package warpage behavior with temperature profile as well as failure analysis with microsturctural observation for comprehensive understanding of mechanical behavior of next generation eWLBs.
Seung Wook Yoon, Deputy Director
Singapore ,

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