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High-Temperature, Bulk-CMOS Integrated Circuits for a Distributed Control System-Performance Results
Keywords: ASIC, Bulk CMOS, controls
Four integrated circuits (ICs) have been developed to provide sensing, actuation, and power conversion capabilities for control in a high-temperature (over 150 degC) environment. Patented circuit design techniques facilitate designs in a conventional, low-cost, 0.5 micron bulk CMOS foundry process. IC#1 is an eight-channel Instrumentation IC which interfaces to LVDTs, RTDs, thermocouples, and other sensors with up to 12-bit resolution. Dual sigma-delta converters and independent, programmable gain allow simultaneous conversion of two differential-input sensors. Built-in self test capability reduces firmware overhead in fault-tolerant systems. IC#2 is a current driver IC which may be used to control two motors in full-bridge configuration or four independent half-bridge loads. Each channel is capable of driving up to 300 mA with 12-bit resolution. An internally-generated, temperature-stabilized current reference minimizes external components. The chip is protected from over-current and over-temperature conditions, and built-in snubber diodes protect against inductive load transients. The output current is programmed using an SPI serial interface. IC#3 is a quad-output switched-mode power supply IC which implements a compact power solution for multi-voltage microprocessors, sensors, and actuators. The external part count is minimized using integrated output FETs and a novel voltage feedback topology. Synchronous rectification reduces power dissipation and improves current capacity. IC#4 has four pairs of complementary PMOS and NMOS switches that may be operated in several configurations. In the "switch" mode, each transistor is rated for 500mA and may be individually turned on and off for operating static loads such as relay coils and solenoids. In the PWM mode, two individual PWM controllers may also be configured to operate in full-bridge (four switches) or half bridge (two switches) operation. Functional performance of the individual IC's is demonstrated over a range of temperatures up to 200C. The test procedures results will be presented to quantify the operation of these individual devices.
Steve Majerus, Research Engineer
Scientific Monitoring, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ

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