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Biocompatible Solid State Batteries for Medical Devices
Keywords: Solid State Batteries, Biocompatible Batteries , Ultra Low Power Design
This presentation abstract details the unique attributes of solid state rechargeable batteries for use in medical devices. Four key areas are discussed: 1 - The successful results of in vivo biocompatibility feasibility studies that were conducted to evaluate the biological safety of the EnerChip™ Rechargeable Solid State Battery. EnerChip rechargeable solid state bare die batteries were crushed and combined into a saline solution which was introduced into an in vivo test setting. One of the most rigorous ways to test the intrinsic biological safety of the EnerChip battery is to introduce crushed EnerChip bare die into in vivo test settings. Crushing the battery replicates the case of an EnerChip-powered implanted medical device that is catastrophically destroyed. In this trauma situation, the EnerChip battery components would be exposed directly to the in vivo setting. The results of in vivo testing show no harmful effects from having the crushed EnerChips in the body. No ill effects were recorded nor were any test article related lesions observed in this study. 2 - The excellent in vivo test results constitute the follow-on study to the July 2012 Cymbet announcement of the results of in vitro studies in which EnerChip bare die battery samples were gamma sterilized and evaluated using two in vitro test methods for cytotoxicity and the EnerChips demonstrated 100% non-cytotoxicity. These test results highlight the intrinsic health and environmental safety characteristics of EnerChip batteries that are significantly better than legacy commercial battery chemistries. 3 - Cymbet EnerChip solid state batteries are uniquely fabricated using standard semiconductor integrated circuit processes with patented construction techniques. EnerChip batteries are similar to other Integrated Circuits found in electronic devices. The EnerChip bare die devices utilize the standard wire bond or solder bump attachment techniques. Die stacking techniques can be used to create various battery configurations for miniature medical devices. Actual examples will be shown. 4 – In order to optimize medical device performance, ultra low power management techniques must be utilized. This presentation details specific reference schematics that demonstrate real-world solutions for power management. Actual miniature medical devices such as an Intra-Ocular Pressure Sensor will be deconstructed to show how rechargeable solid state batteries are utilized with ultra low power management circuitry.
Jeff Sather, Vice President Customer Solutions
Cymbet Corporation
Elk River, MN

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