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Microelectronics Interconnection Using Alloyed Copper Wire with Homogeneous Structure
Keywords: copper, wire, bonding
In the microelectronics packaging sector, the application of copper (Cu) wire bonding has advanced and is rapidly replacing gold (Au) wire bonding. The present paper covers the study of improved efficacy performances from alloyed Cu wires of 1N and 3N purity. A new 1N purity Cu wire with certain elemental additions enable equally good electrochemical corrosion resistance as Pd coated Cu wire while it is much better than that of 4N Cu wire. Unlike Pd coated copper, it allows homogeneous FAB formation as conventional 4N Cu wire. The softness of the 1N wire and its FAB are uncompromised through design and manufacturing technology approach to achieve close to 4N Cu wire. The looping performance of 1N Cu is observed to be similar to 4N Cu wire within the defined dimensional tolerances required in the industry. High temperature storage at 175ºC for 2000hrs showed rate of intermetallic growth at the interface being slower than 4N Cu indicating slower atomic diffusion. It was also observed to have absence of certain intermetallic phase in as compared with 4N bare Cu. The novel 3N Cu wire with certain trace metal additions soften the wire and subsequently FAB. The wire design also helped to reduce work hardening during bonding. The tensile yield and stiffness are marginally lower than that of commercially available soft 4N Cu wire. The 1st and 2nd wire bond process window of 3N Cu are wider than 4N Cu by about 50% and 17% respectively.
S. Murali, Principal Research Engineer
Heraeus Materials Singapore Pte Ltd
Singapore, Singapore

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