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Low temperature co-fired Ca-Cu titanate multilayers for integration into LTCC modules
Keywords: integration , LTCC modules, multilayer capacitors
The integration of functional materials in three-dimensional LTCC modules is an emerging technology enabling further miniaturization and functionalization of electronic devices. CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) has attracted attention because of its large effective permittivity and its weak temperature and frequency dependence. CCTO is a promising candidate for capacitive components integrated in LTCC modules, e.g. for LC filters. We explore the potential of CCTO for low temperature firing and report on the sintering behavior, microstructure formation and dielectric properties of samples sintered at high and low temperature conditions, respectively. We have studied the phase formation process starting from a mixture of the oxides or carbonates. CCTO formation is complete at 850°C. Sintering at 1100 °C leads to an inhomogeneous microstructure characterized by coarse grains, formation of a Cu-rich grain boundary phase and a large effective permittivity of k = 22 000. Contributions of grains and grain boundaries and activation energies were studied by impedance spectroscopy. CCTO with the addition of 3 % BBSZ glass was fired at 900 °C. We observed a density increase and a permittivity of k = 800. Multilayer capacitors were fabricated by cofiring CCTO tapes at 1150°C with AgPd or at 900 °C with Ag-metallization. Experimental results on the integration of CCTO multilayers in LTCC modules will be reported. Matching of the shrinkage characteristics between CCTO and LTCC tapes was achieved. Multilayer capacitors were integrated in LTCC multilayer structure by cofiring at 900°C.
Jorg Topfer,
EAH Jena, Univ. Appl. Sciences Jena
Jena, Thuringia

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