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Pressureless, Low Temperature Sintering of Micro-scale Silver Paste for Die Attach for 300oC Applications
Keywords: High Temperature, Die Attach, Reliability
Low temperature Ag sintering technology provides a lead-free die attachment compatible with high temperature (300oC) applications. Previous work with Ag sintering has required some pressure during the sintering process or been limited to small area die. In this paper, a pressureless sintering of micro-scale silver paste procedure is presented for large (8mm x 8mm) area die. Experimental combinations included: Ag metallized Si die, Au metallized Si die, Ag thick film substrate metallization, Au thick film substrate metallization, PdAg thick film metallization and sintering temperature. For Au metallization (die and/or substrate), the initial shear strength results were good with 8mm x 8mm die sintered at lower temperatures (200oC). The shear strength was out range of our shear test machine (100 kg), corresponding to >15.3 MPa. However, after aging for 24 hours at 300oC, the shear strength dropped significantly to 40.38 Kg (6.183 MPa). An SEM was used to characterize cross sections of as-built and aged sample. The decrease in die shear strength with high temperature sintering (250oC and 300oC) or high temperature aging is attributed to surface diffusion of Ag along the Au surface resulting in a dense Ag layer adjacent to the Au surface and a depletion layer within the die attach on the opposite side of the the dense Ag layer. Shear failures occurred through the depleted region. For Ag metallization, no decrease in shear strength was observed with 300oC aging. Shear strength of 8x8cm2 dies was out range of our shear test machine (>100 kg, >15.3 MPa) as-built. The shear strength remained out of range (>15.3MPa) after more than 2000 hours of 300C aging.
Fang Yu, Ph.D. Student
Auburn University
Auburn, AL

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