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Highly Integrated and Isolated Universal Half-Bridge Power Gate Driver and Associated Flyback Power Supply for High Temperature and High Reliability Applications
Keywords: Universal Intelligent Gate Driver, Isolated Gate Driver, Intelligent Power Module
A highly integrated, high-temperature isolated half bridge power gate driver demo board has been developed, based on turnkey X-REL chipset: XTR26010 (High-Temperature Intelligent Gate Driver), XTR40010 (High-Temperature Isolated Two Channel Transceiver), XTR30010 (High-Temperature PWM Controller), and XTR2N0825 (High-Temperature 80V N-Channel Power MOSFET). The XTR26010 is the key circuit in this chipset for power gate drive application. The XTR26010 circuit has been designed with a high focus on offering a robust, reliable and efficient solution for driving a large variety of high-temperature, high-voltage, and high-efficiency power transistors existing in the market. Consequently, it features resistor-programmable under voltage lockout (UVLO) allowing safe start-up of normally-on power transistors, resistor-programmable desaturation protection, resistor-programmable gate and source over-current protections, capacitor-programmable active Miller clamp, capacitor-programmable dead time, and soft-shut-down capability that slowly shuts down the power transistor in case of fault detection. Furthermore, the XTR26010 circuit implements an unprecedented functionality for high-temperature drivers allowing safe operation at system level by preventing any cross-conduction between high-side and low-side switches, through isolated communication between high-side and low-side drivers. Other features of XTR26010 intelligent driver include a 5V internal LDO available to final user, a 5-channel transceiver (2 TX and 3 RX) for isolated data communication, two pull-up gate-drive channels capable of sourcing 3A peak current each with integrated charge-pump and capacitor-programmable pulse-width for DR1 channel for quick turn-on of normally-on transistors (jFET, BJT, SJT), and two pull-down gate-drive channels capable of sinking 3A peak current each. The XTR40010 implements a high-temperature dual-channel (2 TX/RX) isolated data transceiver. It is used for isolated data communication between a microcontroller or a PWM controller with the power driver XTR26010, though it can also be used as general purpose isolated transceiver. The galvanic isolation is achieved by external high-temperature 1:1 pulse transformers. The complete solution here is optimized to minimize the number of active and passive components, minimize the size of transformers and to maximize the noise margin, even in harsh dV/dt conditions (50kV/µs with a 2pF of inter-winding leakage capacitance). For supplying the half-bridge gate driver, a compact isolated flyback power supply has been developed thanks to the versatile voltage mode PWM controller XTR30010 and the XT2N0825 N-Channel MOSFET. The input voltage of the flyback can be from 12V to 36V, with three multi-voltage, isolated outputs. High-side and low-side drivers are supplied separately and a non-isolated 5V is dedicated to supplying the XTR40010 and PWM feedback. The flyback features a total output power of 3W (limited by duty cycle limit protection), efficiency up to 82%, 180kHz discontinuous current mode, short-circuit protection, and digitally controlled soft-start. The full system has been successfully tested while driving different brands of SiC MOSFETs up to 200°C, up to 700kHz of switching frequency and 600V high-voltage bus. The demo board presented can be easily modified to drive other SiC and GaN transistors available in the market. The 200°C limitation of the demo board is due to passives, PCB material, and the solder paste used. However, all used X-REL active circuits have been qualified within specifications well above 230°C.
David Gras, Senior Analog Designer
X-REL Semiconductor
Grenoble cedex 2, Rhône-Alpes

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