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Convertible Bond Head Enabling Advanced Interconnect
Keywords: Advanced Interconnect, Bond Head, Cu Wire Bonding
There are increased demands in the power module market for higher reliability, higher power density, and higher running temperature. The present Al-based interconnect technology will not satisfy all the requirements and the Cu-based advanced interconnect has gained more and more interest. The advanced interconnects including Cu wire, Cu ribbon, AlCu wire, and AlCu ribbon have high mechanical strength, low CTE mismatch with Si, higher electrical and thermal conductivities. However, the materials are much harder and stiffer than the Al-based materials, requiring higher bond power and force and more sophisticated bonding process to achieve reliable interconnects. Kulicke & Soffa Industries has released a convertible bond head specifically designed for advanced interconnects while still working well for most Al-base interconnects. This head has several improved and additional features that are experimentally proven to be necessary for advanced interconnects. The increased force and force ramp range make bonding more efficient and produce stronger bonds. The stiffened cutting system enables more stable cuts for the harder materials, significantly reducing die damage rate. The pull force is increased to enable nondestructive in-situ test for the stronger advanced interconnects. The higher clamp force ensures the stiff materials firmly held during the looping and cutting. The segment bonding profile makes it possible to program multi-segment bonding sequences to achieve the best result in each phase of bonding process, resulting in optimized bond quality. With low-cost conversion kits, this head can be easily reconfigured within an hour between four configurations: front-cut wire, front-cut ribbon, rear-cut wire, and rear-cut ribbon. The single convertible bond head can be used for bonding different advanced interconnect materials; this is especially useful in R&D environments where different materials are tested and compared. This head also benefits those companies with mass production of Al-based interconnects; changing the interconnect material in the future products can be accomplished more economically by investing only a low-cost conversion kit, not anther bond head.
Tao Xu,
Kulicke & Soffa Industries
Santo Ana, CA

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