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Integration of substituted M-type ferrites in LTCC microwave modules
Keywords: microwave ferrites, ferrite integration, anisotropic ferrite layers
Future satellite communication technology requires microwave ferrites capable of being integrated in LTCC multilayer components for applications in the K-band (30-40 GHz). Sc-substituted hexagonal M-type Ba-ferrites BaScxFe12-xO19 exhibit significant potential for self-biasing microwave systems such as for isolators and circulators and are well suited for the required frequency range. Sc-substituted Ba ferrites with 0 ≤ x ≤ 2 were prepared by the mixed oxide route. After calcination (1300 �C) and sintering (1370 �C) single-phase ferrites were obtained. The sintering behavior of the ferrites was modified by the addition of BBSZ glass and sufficient densification at 900 �C was obtained. The influence of BBSZ and sintering temperature on the microstructure, density and permeability was studied. Static magnetic measurements show that both the saturation magnetization and coercivity decrease with concentration of scandium. The ferromagnetic resonance frequency of the ferrites was determined by reflectance measurements in U- and K-band (30-60 GHz) waveguide. Ferrite tapes made of ferrite powders with x = 0.5 were co-fired with LTCC tapes and the integration of ferrite layers in LTCC multilayer modules was tested. Ferrite layers were also screen-printed onto alumina substrates and/or LTCC green tapes and fired at 850 � 900�C. Anisotropic ferrite layers were obtained by drying the films in a magnetic field. The potential of such ferrite layers for integrated self-biased microwave components was evaluated.
Joerg Toepfer,
Ernst-Abbe Hochschule Jena
Jena, Thuringia

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