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Electrical Performance of a High Temperature 32-I/O HTCC Alumina Package
Keywords: High temperature, Packaging, HTCC
Previously, a 96% polycrystalline alumina (Al2O3) based prototype packaging system with Au thick-film metallization successfully facilitated long term testing of high temperature silicon carbide (SiC) electronic devices for over 10,000 hours at 500C. However, the 96% Al2O3 chip-level packages of this prototype system were not fabricated via an integrated commercial co-fired process, which is more suitable for large scale commercial production. In order to identify a co-fired ceramic material system for possible high temperature packaging applications, a selected high temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) alumina material was previously electrically tested at temperatures up to 550C, and demonstrated better dielectric performance at high temperatures compared with the 96% alumina substrate used before, suggesting its use for future high temperature packaging applications. Platinum conductors with low thermal expansion were selected to further implement this co-fired alumina into a high temperature packaging system. This paper introduces a prototype 32-I/O (input/output) HTCC alumina package with platinum conductors for 500C low power SiC electronics. The design of this package as well as its electrical performance, such as parasitic capacitance and parallel conductance of neighboring I/Os measured from 100 Hz to 1 MHz in a temperature range from room temperature to 500C, will be discussed in detail. The parasitic capacitance and parallel conductance of this package in the entire frequency and temperature ranges measured are capped at 1.5 pF and 0.05 S, respectively. SiC integrated circuits packaged using this co-fired chip-level package and compatible printed circuit boards have been successfully tested at 500C for over 2600 hours continuously (Spry, Neudeck et al. 2016), and at 727C for over 24 hours. Initial test results of packaged SiC circuits will be presented. This package is designed for long term testing of the new generation of SiC high temperature electronics that is currently in development at NASA Glenn Research Center.
Liang-Yu Chen, Senior Scientist
Ohio Aerospace Institute/NASA Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, OH

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