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Investigation of High-reliable Low-loss HTCC System Applied in Millimeter Wave Circuit Technology
Keywords: HTCC, millimeter wave, SMD package
The compositions and technology for high-reliable low loss HTCC system were discussed in this paper. Low loss ceramic was prepared by Al2O3 powder and some additives, MgO, SiO2, Cr2O3, MoO3 for example. The additives were deposited on Al2O3 powder in liquid solution, enwrapping the surface of Al2O3 powder uniformly to make composite powder. The compact ceramic was prepared by two-sinter technology to ensure densification and perfect microstructure. Bending strength, phase composition, micro-morphology and dielectric loss of the low-loss ceramic sample were measurement. The dielectric loss of the ceramic is (8.0-10.0)10-4. Techniques of manufacture high temperature co-fired of tungsten conductor pastes were researched in this paper for the same time, and also the effects of Microstructure and distribution of tungsten powders, the content of nonmetallic on printing, metallization combination strength and sheet resistance of the paste were analyzed. AS a result, tungsten paste with sheet resistance 6mΩ/□,metallization combination strength to alumina co-fire ceramic substrate 54Mpa,which can be used in fine line printing with 100m on thick film integrated circuits process. Tungsten paste was applied on insulator of microwave and millimeter wave package as conductor material connected the devices in the shell and the module out of the shell. The result of microwave test on the SMT package prepared by the high-reliable low loss HTCC system showed that the insert loss of single RF signal transmission channel in 8mm frequency range was less than 0.8dB, the return loss was larger than 10dB and the isolation was larger than 20dB. This research work supported the application of low-loss ceramic in microwave and millimeter-wave medium.
Xueman Pang, PhD, Scientist
NEDI Technology Co., Ltd
Nanjing, Jiangsu

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