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3D Functionalized Silicon Interposer embedding highly integrated passives and enabling advanced SiP and SoC Modules
Keywords: 3D Functionalized Silicon Interposer , 3D high density trench capacitors, Miniaturization
Emerging IOT (Internet Of Things) applications will drive innovation in the field of electronic integration for the next decade. Indeed, several fields of applications (Medical implantable electronics, Energy harvesting solutions, High power density converters) are emerging using communicating devices increasingly small, smart and autonomous. To reach the requirements in terms of miniaturization, reliability and efficiency, the use of Silicon interposer is mandatory. Murata Integrated Passive Solutions (MIS) is a leader in developing 3D silicon passive devices with outstanding performances including high Density trench capacitors, inductors, resistors and diodes. When combined and connected together, these components make it possible to realize a 3D functionalized interposer with high added value in terms of miniaturization, power consumption reduction and low profile. The work, presented here, will highlight MIS latest interposer solutions in SiP and SoC modules. Examples of developed high-added value interposers will be detailed both for power conversion applications and medical implantable devices. Among the technological barriers to overcome in power conversion applications, one can highlight the provision of optimized power supply devices. Key features of such devices are cost, size and efficiency. For many years now, linear regulators have given way to switched inductive DC-DC buck converters operating at frequencies increasingly high. The limiting factors for the integration of such converters are the bulky passive components that have limited performance in term of ESL, resulting in limitation of the switching frequency, and loss of efficiency associated to a drop in power density. These passive components are especially present in the output filtering stage. Leveraging the increase in operating frequency, passives values are getting increasingly small opening the way for silicon integration. Many research works have been done to optimize the inductor performances in terms of leakage and size as for PICS (Passive integrated common substrate) capacitive components to reduce the ESR and ESL [1][2]. Using silicon trench Mosaic capacitors cells (with low ESR-ESL) embedded within silicon interposer, very high efficiency converter have been demonstrated, operating at frequency up to 100MHz [3]. The medical implantable devices aim at improving quality of life for patients and must meet several critical requirements such as long life, reliability and small size. Commonly, the communicating implant is composed of a dual band RF transceiver (MICS 402-405 MHz, ISM 2.4GHz) mounted on a PCB with SMD decoupling capacitances, crystal oscillator, SAW filter and different matching networks (antenna matching, SAW I/O matching). The performance of the communication link is directly related to the electrical parameters of these components and the way they are connected to each other. Here again, MIS functionalized silicon interposer offers undeniable size reduction and routing optimization. Moreover, using the silicon IPD, isolation strategies could be implemented to protect sensitive parts (Xtal connections) from aggressive one (Digital data bus) and to contain signal propagation to substrate. Since all the components are embedded within the silicon substrate, we suppress all the reliability problems related to mounted SMD components.
Mohamed Mehdi Jatlaoui, R&D Engineer
Murata Integrated Passive Solutions
Caen, Calvados

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