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Canon Manufacturing Solutions for Advanced Heterogeneous Integration and Fan-Out Wafer Level and Panel Level Packaging Processes
Keywords: Lithography, Fan-Out, Wafer Level Packaging
Heterogeneous Integration (HI) and Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) require high-yield, low-cost processes to drive wide commercial adoption and industries have recently focused on panel processing using these technologies as a way to lower overall electronic system costs. Lithography process optimization also plays a role in reducing costs as uniform imaging performance is required to fully exploit the benefits of HI, FOWLP and Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging (FOPLP) with aggressive processes demanding high resolution lithography to increase interconnect density and ultimately system bandwidth. Lithography overlay performance must also be optimized to compensate for die-shift errors inherent in HI, FOWLP and FOPLP processes while maximizing productivity and Cost-of-Ownership. To meet these unique technical challenges, Canon Industrial Products Group Companies have developed advanced photolithography and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) solutions to enable high-resolution panel processing. In this paper, Canon presents a study of photolithography challenges related to high-density interconnect applications including the demand for high-resolution lithography (< 2 micron) and thick-resist profile optimization, as well as overlay compensation functions that can be used to correct for die-shift errors in FOWLP applications and enable backside alignment. Canon will introduce key features of Canon FPA-5520iV (20iV) i-line steppers that enable these advanced processes including its variable NA (Numerical Aperture) Optical System that can be optimized to improve imaging performance across a large exposure field. 20iV steppers can utilize a large NA to deliver resolution as low as 1 micron for fine-line RDL processes, or the NA can be reduced to increase Depth of Focus (DoF) for imaging through thick resists for plating and etch masks. Key to lithography performance is the ability to deliver high-resolution and high-image fidelity uniformly across a large exposure field and this paper will provide examples and data that demonstrate the stable imaging performance of the 20iV steppers. 20iV steppers can also be employ the optional Enhanced Advanced Global Alignment (EAGA) Function to enable die-by-die overlay compensation to correct for die-shift errors inherent in FOWLP applications. To improve FOWLP overlay, the EAGA alignment function involves the stepper using an internal alignment system to measure and map out the position of each die or field on a wafer prior to exposure. Compensation based on this direct measurement is applied to the wafer during exposure to improve matching overlay and compensate for die shift errors. This paper will detail the EAGA sequence and present distorted grid overlay matching results after EAGA compensation. 20iV steppers can also be equipped with an optional Through-Silicon Alignment (TSA) System that can use infrared light to view through full-thickness silicon wafers to measure the position of alignment marks on the backside of the wafer. The TSA function enables via-middle and via-last wafer processes and data showing TSA capabilities will be presented. An update will also be provided on Canon equipment readiness for Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging on rectangular substrates ranging in size from 300 mm to 600 mm. The update will include an analysis of challenges related to extending panel-ready lithography systems designed for display production to FOPLP applications including the challenge of providing overlay compensation on a field-by-field basis. This paper will also present details of the Canon Anelva EL-3400 Inline Panel Process Systems that enable dual-side degas, precleaning and PVD processing of 600 x 600 mm panels.
Doug Shelton, Marketing Manager
Canon USA
San Jose, CA

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