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Aqueous Washable Thermal Resistant Coatings and Adhesives
Keywords: Thermal Resistant, Coatings, Adhesives
Many packaging processes require thin and fragile components to be protected or held securely in place. The most common approach is to apply a coating and cure in place or as an adhesive, conduct your process, and follow with washing in the necessary chemistry for product removal. Many packaging practices require aqueous cleaning deemed safer for devices on organic laminates and in the presence of molding compounds. Reagents having water as the major constituent represent aqueous cleaning. These agents prevent interactions with organic materials, are usually worker safe, and require less expensive equipment to operate the process. Aqueous washing agents are considered green products, as they are exempt from the complexity and cost of environmental and waste management regulations. Daetec’s green products exhibit thermal resistance over 300C, making them ideal for soldering, plasma etching, or dielectric cure processes. They include water washable DaeCoatTM 525 and 532 used in laser processing for debris removal around the heat activation zone (HAZ) and as patterning for plasma singulation. Founded on aromatic rings present in the chemistry backbone, the products are consistent with large molecule materials known to be stable for demanding processes in electronics. By replacing the phenyl rings with ionizable units, the solubility begins to shift towards aqueous solubility. This allows Daetec to create a continuum. While DaeCoatTM 532 is water soluble, another material from the same family, DaeCoatTM 537 is not, yet will wash away in an aqueous surfactant, DaeCleanTM S20 (10% in water). In many ways, these products act, as surfactants, but depending upon the chemistry, will dissolve in water or an aqueous agent. Customers desiring a green protective coating or adhesive for plating or etching processes, may apply DaeCoatTM 537, send through the processes, and then wash away in the S20 aqueous agent. All products are cast from water. Film forms as 50µm thick with peel away liners are available for DaeCoatTM 532 and 537. UV curable high solids versions are also available. Applications include planarizing coatings, adhesive for die solder attach, and C4 or micro bump protection. Protective coatings for EMI/RFI shielding, dicing operations, and temporary bonding operations that may use porous carriers have been demonstrated with water washable coatings and adhesives. The success in these and related temporary applications depend upon the use of the proper washable coating. Our experience in creating solutions for these and other industry needs will be discussed as well as the criteria for using temporary washable coatings.
John Moore,
Daetec LLC
Camarillo, CA

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