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Package Architecture and Component Design for an Implantable, Designed-for-Human-Use Peripheral Nerve Stimulation and Recording System for Advanced Prosthetics
Keywords: implantable, nerve stimulation, package architecture
Complex state-of-the-art prostheses that deliver sensory and position (haptic) feedback require a more sophisticated integration with the human user. Here a micro-size active implantable system that provides many-degree-of-freedom neural feedback in both sensory stimulation and motor control is shown, as one potential human-use solution in DARPA’s HAPTIX program. The implantable sensory-stimulation lead (SSL) module is 14mm in diameter, allowing surgical location close to the electrodes, with ability to stimulate from 200nA to 10mA waveforms and record at < 1uV RMS to 32 electrode sites. Custom electrodes were developed by Draper and Nerves Inc. specifically for HAPTIX, however, the implantable modules can accept other types of electrode from cuff to penetrating. Complete ISO-14708 human-implant safety is maintained through custom ASIC safety circuits, as well as miniaturization of electrical and materials safety measures. The present solution is wired to an EIC60601-clinic-capable percutaneous controller through flexible helical cables. The SSL module's ASICs allow driving of mechanically stable but electrically resistive cables for bi-directional communication, with the ability to query and control each ASIC individually or as a group. This addressable control also reduces the number of wires needed to control multiple modules. The SSL modules are operational in phantoms, in a rodent model, and are being tested for human research use.
Caroline K. Bjune,
Cambridge, MA

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