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Three-Dimensional Thermal Modeling and Management of System on Package with Gold and Nano Based Material
Keywords: Thermal management, Nano material, package design
A detailed computational fluid dynamic based thermal model and simulation of exposed pad SOIC package on PCB is developed with Nano and gold-based material to characterize the thermal behavior or cooling capability of the package. To achieve lower thermal resistance of electronic packaging is one of the important points of interest in electronic application. In this paper, exposed small outline IC package on PCB is compared with different composition of Au-Sn die attach materials and Nano-foil preform material to understand the thermal behavior of the package which will provide cooling through low thermal resistance between junction-to-case. Thermal reliability of electronic packaging depends on the package design and selection of materials. Package material design plays an important role in thermal management of the product. Nano-based package material can be a good choice to improve the thermal performance of system on package. Developed the 3 D model exposed small outline IC (E-SOIC) package on a printed circuit board (PCB). Au-Sn solder paste is used as die attach material and Nano-Foil preform is used to develop the system on package (SOP) model of exposed pad SOIC package on PWB. Different types of composition of Au-Sn solder paste, such as 78Au22Sn and 80Au20Sn are considered for die attach purpose. The reason for choosing the AuSn solder paste is good reliability and performance. Au-Sn has higher thermal conductivity than other solder materials, such as Pb-free solder paste, 96.5Sn3.5Ag and leaded solder paste, 37Pb63Sn. Computational fluid dynamics-based IC packaging thermal modeling and simulation tool is used to consider for both conduction and convection level heat transfer flow from die level hotspot to natural still air fluid [5][6]. Exposed SOIC package is developed with Nano-Foil preform and gold-based material to understand the thermal behavior of the system on package. (Table1). Diamond and rectangular shaped Nano-Foil preform applied to attach the exposed pad area of the SOIC package on the PCB. Nano-Foil preform is environmentally friendly, Pb-free material which will create low thermal resistance interface for thermal management between the exposed thermal pad and PCB. Au-Sn solder die attach material will improve the thermal performance of the die attach material of the package. Two types of thermal model developed to compare the package material and design of the different die attach materials and Nano-Foil preforms. In this pater simulation and data analysis will show how the optimum thermal management depends on the material selection and design of the system on package (SOP). Surface mount type SOIC package with exposed pad design is selected for better and thermally enhanced purpose. Die attach and Nano-Foil preform will be used as alternatives of lead-free package material[3][9].
Be-nazir Khan,
IXYS ICD, a part of Littelfuse Inc.
Beverly, MA

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