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Analysis on Signal and Power Integrity of 2.3D Structure Organic Package
Keywords: organic interposer, HBM, signal/power integrity
Heterogeneous packaging is one of the advanced technologies. Especially for high-end application such as data center server, HPC and AI (Artificial-Intelligence), High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) integration is a key and strongly required. As we know, 2.5D silicon interposer packaging is an expanded solution for HBM interconnections. However, Shinko developed 2.1D high density organic package called i-THOP® (integrated-Thin film High density Organic Package) to take advantages of an organic solution. Furthermore, Shinko is now focusing on 2.3D type i-THOP® to have more benefits in the manufacturing. The 2.3D structure consists of 2 substrates. One is a thin i-THOP® interposer, the other one is a conventional build-up substrate. These 2 substrates are combined, the interposer onto the build-up substrate. We are developing the process technologies and introduce the 2.3D structure and the process flow in the paper. Shinko has also been implementing electrical modeling, as well as the process development, to discuss the performance, using our i-THOP® technology. Firstly, Signal integrity between 2 devices has been evaluated, comparing the differences between i-THOP® and 2.5D silicon interposer. Secondly, Signal integrity from BGA to a die has been discussed, comparing between 2.1D type, 2.3D type i-THOP® and the 2.5D interposer. Finally, as for the Power delivery point of view, PDN (Power Distribution Network) impedance is compared between 2.1D type and 2.3D type i-THOP®. This is our first introduction of the electrical evaluations, using i-THOP® technology. We could successfully show some interesting data.
Kosuke Tsukamoto, Package Design Engineer
Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken

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