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Prospects for automotive SiP modules applying IC assembly and packaging technology
Keywords: SiP module for automotive, In-vehicle quality, Heat dissipation
We will introduce application to SiP module for automotive using IC assembly and packaging technology at Shinko Electric Industry Co., Ltd. We develop a package that ensures quality complying with AEC-Q 100 Grade 2 which is in-vehicle quality from various flip chip mounting methods and bump sealing technology with underfill resin and mold resin. By adjusting the CTE and thickness of the material, we realize low warpage and low coplanarity at reflow temperature and product use temperature environment and reduce package displacement behavior, We will improve the secondary mountability to the motherboard and provide reliable packages. In addition, heat dissipation of IC in automotive products is a big problem, and in this respect too we can solve with application of our packaging technology. FCBGA with heat spreader mounted on the product which has started mass production since last year is in the lineup, Using our assembly technology to mold the periphery of the flip-chip mounted chip while exposing its backside, via the chip backside as the heat source and the TIM material The heat spreader can be improved by directly attaching the heat spreader. You can also use metal TIM if you are looking for higher thermal conductivity. In terms of cost, our products are cheap to devise. For example, in FCBGA with heat spreader proposed by us, top hat type heat spreader is added to conventional FC BGA It is possible to reduce the cost by cutting the tie bar of the inexpensive lead frame rather than individually mounting it individually and mounting the individual metal plates together. Furthermore, it can be applied to SiP modules. It is also possible to construct multiple chip modules by mounting multiple ICs or placing low-passive components around them. Since passive components arranged around the IC are sealed with molding resin, the fatigue life of the soldered joint is improved and the in-vehicle quality can be satisfied. We will consider heat spreader mounting on multiple ICs that generate heat, and metal coating on the entire SiP module to have a structure that achieves both heat dissipation and electromagnetic shielding as a future idea. Our assembly and packaging technology will be offered to everyone as a technology used for automotive, consumer, industrial and many applications.
Tomohiro Furukawa,
Shinko Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Myoko, Niigata

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