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Advancing Microelectronics • Volume 28, No. 2 • March/April 2001
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European Microelectronics

     IMAPS Europe has again entered a very exciting year.

     13th European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference.
     The main event is the 13th European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference. It will take place in Strasbourg, France, from May 30 - June 1st. Please take the opportunity to combine a highly technical conference with the cultural flavour in a location so picturesque as the one we have in Strasbourg. It can be the most excellent starting point for a small vacation in one of the most wonderful areas of Europe. The Alsace region is not only known for the wines, but also for breathtaking scenery.

     IMAPS-Europe activities in Central and Eastern Europe.
     IMAPS Europe is proud to continue its development of new Chapters in the Central and Eastern part of Europe. Latest Chapter to be created is the IMAPS Russia Chapter. The process was strongly supported by ELC and thanks to the efforts of the ELC Chairman, Dr. Peter Barnwell, Heraeus Circuit Materials Division and Paul Collander, Nokia Networks, the Chapter was formed last November. In this issue of AM, Paul Collander summarises the event which took place in Moscow.
     The other Central and Eastern European chapters have for many years been well integrated and are now hosting the biannual IMAPS European Symposia. The first was the very successful event held in Prague by the IMAPS Czech & Slovak Chapter last year in June. In 2002 the next will be hosted by IMAPS Poland in the wonderful city of Cracow.
     IMAPS Hungary has hosted several excellent conferences – the famous Spring Seminars are always remembered by anyone who has had the opportunity to attend one of these. Therefore as always, please study the European Calendar of events in AM carefully, so you can select or combine your trips in or to Europe the most efficient way.
     In this issue of AM, the technical contribution is coming from the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary, presenting the results of a European Union funded programme for low cost MCMs.

European Microelectronics
     In the section concerning European Activities - important events, inaugurations, technology achievements, investments, outsourcing, etc. - are described as received from the individual chapters/countries.
     This time for example you can find some lines about the new full automated MCM production line at Ericsson Microelectronics, Sweden, some new automotive technologies at FIAT, etc.
     Please contribute yourself and send me info of similar interest.
     Søren Nørlyng



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