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Chapter Web Advertising on the IMAPS Web Site

Web advertising for chapters is limited to ads that promote chapter meetings, events, and other activities, such as elections, selling of products, etc. The following does not pertain to web advertising for companies that are members of or associated with IMAPS chapters.

1. First come, first served, FREE web ads for all chapters when placed on the chapter's homepage and other “Run of Site” pages. “Run of Site” ads are those which IMAPS staff reserves the right to randomly place in any vacant section of IMAPS may also relocate these ads as needed. 

2. Chapters can purchase any high profile spots (homepage, industry guide, etc.) for no longer than 6 months at the 1-month price (i.e., chapter receives 6 months for the price of 1 full month, no additional discounts). Must be paid in full in one billing at the beginning of the contract. See Rates

3. All web ads must be presented to IMAPS staff as an electronic file: gif or jpeg. Files must be produced by the chapter. IMAPS HQ will not be responsible for design of chapter ads. 

4. Chapter must provide active URL for ad to be linked to. IMAPS will not maintain dead links. 

5. Commercial, paying advertisers will take precedent over free Chapter ads. Free Chapter ads will be relocated if the space is purchased by a full-price paid advertiser. 


For more information contact Ann Bell, Manager, Marketing and Communications, at 202-548-8717 or



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