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IMAPS Conference and Exhibition on
Ceramic Interconnect Technology:
The Next Generation II

Hyatt Regency Denver
Denver, CO
April 26 - 28, 2004

Message from the General Chair

Dr. Samuel J. Horowitz
DuPont Electronic and Communications Technology

The 2004 Conference on Ceramic Interconnect Technology has evolved from very successful workshops in 2001 and 2002 and a similarly successful conference in 2003. In the earlier workshops the focus was primarily on wireless and microwave applications. For 2004 the meeting will continue as a conference with two parallel tracks with 54 papers and posters. The two-track and poster session format provides an opportunity to cover a broad range of topics and includes sessions on Automotive Applications, Assembly, MEMS, Advanced Topics and Process Modeling

This conference has an outstanding program and roster of speakers. I would like to thank the Technical Program Co-chairs (Mike Ehlert and Duane Dimos) and all of the Session Chairs, whom you see listed in the program, for the outstanding job they have done to create this meeting. All are volunteers with busy schedules, yet they found time to recruit this group of leading industry experts as presenters. Thanks to each of you for a job well done.

I am very pleased that IMAPS and the Ceramic Interconnect Initiative, which continue as sponsors for this conference, are again collaborating with the American Ceramic Society for the 2004 meeting. Duane Dimos continues as a Technical Program Co-chair providing a strong link to Ceramic Society members. By combining the broad scope represented by IMAPS, CII and ACerS membership we have organized a key meeting covering emerging developments in growth markets

LTCC and packaging applications in automotive and portable wireless have in recent years been the growth engine for ceramic interconnect technology. This is the present, whereas some suggest the future is in non packaging applications. The selection of invited keynote speakers reflects these trends.

This year’s conference features two invited keynote speakers. First an overview from Kevin Ewsuk of Sandia National Laboratory, “Materials and Process Control Technology for LTCC Microelectronic Packaging” which will focus on how key issues related to materials compatibility and process control and reproducibility are being addressed. The second invited keynote presentation will be by Professor Jorge Santiago-Aviles of the University of Pennsylvania, the title of which is “Sensors, Actuators and other Non Packaging Applications of LTCC Tapes”. This paper looks at microfluidic applications and process for fabricating complex 3-D structures.

With a focus on applications, new materials and process, the 2004 conference includes sessions on Portable Wireless and Bluetooth, Automotive Applications, Broadband and Basestations Assembly, Power and Thermal Management, Design Simulation and Modeling, MEMS, Integrated Passives, Test and Measurement and Process Modeling. We will again see examples of the trend from simple interconnect to integrated devices incorporating embedded components to a future where the full potential of ceramic multilayer structures is realized by the miniaturization and integration of a broad range of functions.

Finally, we are again including a limited number of tabletop exhibits to provide the opportunity for those involved in development and manufacturing to meet suppliers who support our industry. Tabletop exhibits will, as last year, be located in the same room used for breaks and meals to allow easy networking. To reserve a space, visit or contact Doug Paul (, 202-548-8712. Space is extremely limited, so reserve yours as soon as possible.

The 2004 Conference on Ceramic Interconnect Technology has all of the ingredients for a successful meeting; please join us in Denver on April 26-28.

Samuel J. Horowitz
General Chair

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