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Chapter Services Available From IMAPS

For more information on any of the services provided by IMAPS Headquarters, contact Brianne Lamm at IMAPS -, 919-293-5600.

I.        Financial Resources/Support

A.   Rebates/Grants (profile reports)

  1. New member rebates are given twice per year, and are calculated according to IMAPS P&P
  2. Grants are given once per year, designed to help chapters with lower membership

B.  Chapter Officer discounts for national event registrations

  1. Officers can now register the price break we give speakers to make attending national events more affordable and encourage local presence

C.   Banking/Tax ID

  1. IMAPS extends the use of the Tax ID for chapters to do business such as open bank accounts

II.       Membership Resources

A.   Chapter/Membership Reporting and Lists

  1. Web page for chapter officers to easily generate reports of live membership activity such as dropped members, new members, chapter roster

B.   On-Line Elections

  1. Web page to facilitate voting by the local membership for chapter elections

C.   Annual Chapter Meeting

  1. Meeting held at the IMAPS Symposium to get feedback from chapters and facilitate chapter to chapter networking

D.   Surveys

  1. Survey software administered by HQ staff is available for member feed back on issues such as identifying volunteers, chapter revitalization, membership, events, etc.

E.   Directors

  1. Directors are chapter resources and a liaison between local and national leaders

III.      Event Support

A.   On-line Registration – Credit Card Processing

  1. A web link provided to facilitate event registration via the web
  2. Credit card processing by HQ for nominal fee
  3. Registration reports with financial information
  4. List of all registrants in excel format

B.   Call for Abstracts Web Software    

  1. web page that facilitates collection of abstracts from potential speakers

C.   Registration Databases

  1. use of the IMAPS customized database for use at Chapter Sympsia
  2. database with all IMAPS Members

D.   Surveys

  1. survey administered by HQ staff to help collect data on event interests, etc.

E.   Mass Emails

  1. Marketing of local events via mass emails sent to targeted areas of membership
  2. Available for use of local chapter for annual events

F.   Potential Speakers

  1. a list of potential speakers
  2. access to abstracts that were rejected for symposium presentation

G.   Promotional Materials

  1. Chapters invited to send flyers and promotional materials for local events to display at national events
  2. HQ to promotional materials, and announcements for upcoming national shows to display at local events
  3. National Leadership (Regional Directors, HQ staff, National Officers) presence/presentation at local events per invitation of the local chapters

IV.     Marketing Tools

A.   Teleconferencing /Webconferencing

B.   Events Calendar

C.   Web Advertising

  1. free and paid advertising on IMAPS web page, available to chapters through

D.   Chapter Website

  1. All chapters are offered their own web page, or link to the chapter page through the IMAPS national web site
  2. Listing/link of chapter from IMAPS chapter web section, menus, and chapter map
  3. Secure software to log-in and edit Chapter Websites

E.   Chapter News/Calendar – Advancing Microelectronics

  • Chapters have space in every issue of Advancing Microelectronics to promote the chapter and its activities to all members and subscribers to the Magazine.

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