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Student Center - Tips for preparing an Internship Program

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Accomplish the following before securing an intern:

Prepare a job description and a tentative schedule of goals. Help your interns realize their full potential by setting goals
Design assignments to enhance job-related knowledge and skills. Create projects that will sharpen skills and keep away from assigning mundane tasks that do nothing to further their education.
Assign an Coach. An intern should have one person that will train and has time to entertain questions; someone they will feel comfortable consulting.
Decide on compensation. Internships that offer a salary attract higher-quality applicants and promote a positive company image in the student community.
Assign a space. Give them a physical space that will make them feel like a part of the team.

Things to consider for management of interns:

Orientation Give interns a thorough orientation of the company and the staff. Make sure they are comfortable, especially with internship coaches.
Give them a list of expectations. Define the intern's responsibilities and your expectations
Show them the big picture, and where they fit in it.
Outline a review plan for the intern. Explain how the intern's work will be checked and how progress is measured.
Check on your interns often. Interns are often afraid to ask questions, so pay close attention to their needs.
Include them in special functions whenever possible.
Establish a relationship with the intern's adviser. Get to know the advisor and keep an open line of communication with updates on the interns’ progress.

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