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GBC Session at
EMPC 2009 (European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference)

June 18, 2009 at 2pm
Palacongressi di Rimini
Via della Fiera, 52
47900 Rimini RN – Italy

The GBC is pleased to announce a European Session to be held during the European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference (EMPC 2009). The Conference will be held June 15-18, 2009 in Rimini, Italy. More information on EMPC 2009 can be found at:  

1) "APOLLON: the Large Integrated European Project of FP7 on Concentrating Photovoltaic, target objectives on technology and cost
Presented by Gianluca Timo

Via Rubattino, 54                  Via Nino Bixio, 39
20134, Milan, Italy                29100 Piacenza, Italy
tel: +39 02 3992 5499              tel: +39 0523 434369
mobile: 335374891 

Dr. Gianluca Timò received the degree of doctor in physics from the University of Milan, Italy, in 1988 and a diploma from a post-graduate school in Science and Technology of Materials in 1990. He has been involved since 1989 in R&D activities concerning III-V based solar cells for space application. He has participated in numerous ESA projects working in CISE, ENEL RICERCA and CESI, where he leaded activities on the growth and characterisation of Single Junction and Multi Junction III-V based solar cells by using different kind of MOCVD epitaxial reactors (AIX 200, AIX 2400, AIX 2600, Veeco 450) gaining a unique experience in Europe. From year 2000 he has been involved in the development of concentrating system; in 2006 he has joined CESI RICERCA as responsible of the R&D activity on concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) and from 2009 his research group has been involved in the development of light emitting diodes. From July 2008 Gianluca Timò has been coordinating the 5 years large integrated European project APOLLON on CPV, in the frame of the Seventh Framework Program.

2) "Experience in III-V triple junction photovoltaic cells packaging for solar terrestrial concentrators."       
Presented by Ricard Pardell, Sol3G

Abstract -- High concentration terrestrial photovoltaics using triple junction cells is a most challenging application from the point of view of reliability under harsh conditions for  microelectronic devices. This united to a very low cost requirement make things very difficult for the microelectronics assembly designer. In this paper we review the current state of the art in this subject matter.

Ricard Pardell studied “Telecommunications Engineering (EUETT)” in La Salle Bonanova, and “Economics and Business Administration” at the UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).  In July 2004 he founded Sol3g, one of the first companies worldwide in commercializing and research of HCPV systems. Currently Ricard Pardell, also President and CEO of the company, shares the Sol3g capital with the multinational Abengoa Solar.  Ricard Pardell has been driving the company through a very fast development.  Last results highlighted were the inauguration of a new 800 m2 factory able to  produce 10Mw annually, the completing of the world’s biggest high concentration photovoltaic installation using triple junction cell based modules, and the launch at the market of the first system, based on HCPV technology, designed for flat roofs.  In addition he is a senior partner and president of Valldoreix Consulting, CRM and information system consulting company, founded in 2001, being in his professional career always managing projects related with new technologies (Information systems, CRM systems). 

3) “Crystalline Si Solar Cells:  Markets and Technology” 
Presented by Andy London, Hereaus

Abstract -- The Solar Cell market has grown by an ACGR of over 40%.  After a 77% growth rate in 2008, the recession of 2009 will reduce this year’s growth to between 5-10%, with resumption of previous growth by 2010 and beyond.  Crystalline Si represents 90% of the market.  This paper reviews market sizes and trends, regional comparisons of cell manufacturing to installations, materials growth rates and analysis of silver pricing and affects of this market on silver usage.  Also discussed are the technology trends that will drive the crystalline Si solar cell market in the future.

Andy London has worked at Heraeus for 38 years in the Thick Film Division.  He is currently Vice President of Heraeus Materials Technology, LLC and Global Business Unit Manager for Photovoltaics.  He has served as IMAPS President in 1992 and was instrumental in the formation of the MMRC which has become the Global Business Council.

4) "Photovoltaic Present and Future – The Si potentialities"
Presented by Sartore Domenico

Abstract -- The current PV market is dominated by the c-Si panels. The industrial developments on the established technologies are continuously reducing the cost of the c-Si PV, which appears to be the dominant technology at least for the next few years. The most critical point of the supply chain is the silicon availability. New companies, like Estelux, in Italy, are going to produce silicon of the highest grade of purity for PV use. With the possibility to concentrate the light onto small area of silicon cells, the semiconductor produced by a single plant like Estelux can deliver a power production of about the 10% of the Italian installed electrical power. Cpower srl has developed a new technology of photovoltaic concentrator using Si solar cells able to achieve this ambitious result.

Mr. Domenico Sartore has been involved in PV field since the '80s and he's a pioneer of the PV activity in Italy.

1986-1993:  plant manager in a renewable energy company
1993 -1994:  technical consultant for many companies in the photovoltaic sector as “Eurosolare” S.p.A. and “BP Solar”.

In the 1994  he founded the Company S.E. Project (now Solon Spa) which has as mission the production of PV modules and the promotion of renewable energies plants

He currently is the CEO of Estelux S.p.a. and  Administrator or member of the Board of:
- Solon S.p.a.
- Green Utility
- Ecoprogetti
Cpower srl


More information on EMPC 2009 can be found at:  


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