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Clipper City

So you think you might come to Balímer, Hon? Before moving here 20 years ago I wouldnít have been impressed with the prospect of visiting a big eastern city like Baltimore. All I envisioned was blacktop and concrete. Since then I have been enlightened as to the rich heritage and great opportunities that await those coming to visit this area that I now call my home. Let me encourage you to plan to spend more time before or after the symposium to take in all the attractions of this great American city.


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National Aquarium

Baltimore is as clean as any other city in the USA, large or small. The Convention Center is nestled between the Inner Harbor complex and the Orioles ballpark. Elevated walkways interconnect the Convention Center with hotels, parking garages, restaurants, department stores as well as the Inner Harbor, allowing you to conveniently walk around the downtown business area. You can catch the Water Taxi for an evening in historic Fells Point or cruise the bay in the Clipper City sailing ship. It is easy to spend a day between exploring the Maryland Science Center and the Baltimore Aquarium with its Amazon River Forest.



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Shot Tower
You will not be far from the Cross Street Market where you can catch the colloquial flavor of Baltimore while having lunch. Baltimore is famous for seafood and shopping in Inner Harbor complex. We have so many outstanding restaurants that I canít begin to list them, including several that are also breweries.


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Baltimore's Washington Monument
Since you have come all the way to visit Baltimore, you will not want to miss seeing Washington, D.C. There is so much to see there a whirlwind tour can take a week. The National Air and Space Museum is a day in itself and another day can pass swiftly by while you as you peruse the Smithsonian Institution, not to mention the memorials, the Capitol, and the Washington Monument. By the way, we have the first Washington Monument right here in Baltimore.


So, I could go on like this for many pages, but my fingers are getting tired. You can put your own fingers to work and begin planning your stay in Baltimore by exploring the IMAPS website at http://www.imaps.org/imaps2001/sights.htm. I encourage you to plan at least a week on either side of the IMAPS Symposium and get the most out of your trip to Baltimore.



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