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IMAPS 2002 On-Line Trade Show
and Final Program Information

We need the following information in order to list your company on-line at the
IMAPS 2002 web site. We will also use this information as we have traditionally
in our Final Program and Exhibits Directory.

The deadline for this information is July 15, 2002.
This deadline must be met to ensure your company’s
inclusion in the IMAPS 2002 On-Line Trade Show.
Any forms received after July 15, 2002, will not be guaranteed an on-line listing.

Product Descriptions are limited to approximately 50 words.


My Company Contact Information and Product Description Were Used Last Year: 
*YES, Please use my information from last year's symposium   NO, Use Info Below
(*If you click yes, you can now submit this form, you DO NOT need to enter the remaining info)
Who Will Receive The Full Symposium Registration?

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Job Title:
City: State:
Zip: Country:
Phone: Fax:
Company Website Address:
Production Description:  Product Descriptions are limited to 50 words.

Product Descriptions are limited to 50 words.

Please choose the most appropriate categories for your company:
1. Assembly Equipment-tools, fixtures, dispensing & rework equipment 14. Hybrid/SMT – Manufacturing circuit boards and flex circuit manufacturing
2. Bonding Equipment-tools, pull testers, & bonding wire 15. Inspection Equipment and Services
3. Chemicals and Gases – photochemicals 16. Lasers-cutting, scribing, trimming, marking, machining, welding & supplies
4. Cleaning equipment, not including chemicals 17. Machining-trimming and scribing non-laser
5. Computer Design, CAD/CAM-design services 18. Publications
6. Connectors, lead forming and frames 19. Reflow Equipment
7. Dicing & Die attachment equipment 20. Solder-pastes & creams
8. Electronic Packages & Packaging 21. Screen Printers, Screens & Stencils
9. Electronic Microscopy Services, analytical services 22. Semiconductors-distributors & manufacturers
10. Environmental Control-clean rooms 23. Substrates-shapes
11. Epoxies & Adhesives 24. Surface Mount/Hybrid Components
12. Failure Analysis 25.Thick and/or Thin Film Materials-precious metals & polymers
13. Furnace Equipment-materials handling 26.Test Equipment-probes, probe cards & die sorting equipment


If you do not receive a confirmation form, your information was not processed.
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