GBC Business Spotlight Sessions

presented by
Global Business Council (GBC – formerly MMRC)

Free of Charge for IMAPS 2004 ATTENDEES!

The GBC will offer three new mini-sessions free-of-charge to all IMAPS 2004 attendees who wish to participate. These sessions will be held between Tuesday November 16, 2004 and Thursday November 18, 2004 at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA.

GBC Business Spotlight Session #1 - TA6
Tuesday November 16, 2004

Session Chair: Paul Gallettta, Teledyne Electronic Technologies

Session Leader
– Heide Wallace, Director of Contracts, Teledyne Electronic Technologies

This one-hour session will explain what information exporters need to comply with under the U.S. Export ITAR control requirements. The focus will fall on the process and requirements necessary to obtain an export license from the Department of State. Suspect situations or “Red Flags” in export to foreign countries will be identified and discussed.


Diminishing Manufacturing Resources Workshop
Session Leader
– Alan Hirschberg, Northrup-Grumman Space Technology

This one hour session will define and discuss issues and concerns regarding diminishing manufacturing resources as a result of outsourcing and COTS. The discussion leader will lead the audience through an interactive discussion as to potential paths towards long term stability and security in the supply chain for concerned companies.

GBC Business Spotlight Session #2 - WA6
Wednesday November 17, 2004

Session Chair: Paul Gallettta, Teledyne Electronic Technologies

Proposal Writing
Session Leader
– Tom Sant, Hyde Park Partners

This is a one hour session. Writing proposals is often frustrating and time consuming. By following a few simple guidelines, you can make the job easier for yourself and increase your chances of winning. Tom Sant will identify the seven deadliest mistakes in proposal writing and—more importantly—show you how to avoid them. He will explain a four-step process for structuring your proposals that will result in higher win ratios, how to use evidence to gain credibility, and how to communicate a compelling value proposition.

Sant is the author of Persuasive Business Proposals, the largest selling book on the subject, now in its second edition. The American Management Association has called him “America’s foremost expert on proposal writing,” and SellingPower magazine named him one of the “top ten sales trainers in the world.” one hour session will give an overview of the process of proposal writing for all aspects associated with doing business within our industry.

GBC Business Spotlight Session #3 - THA6
Thursday November 18, 2004

Session Chair
: David Saums, DS&A

Doing Business with China
Session Leader
- Abe Wong, Managing Director, GMPSigma, LLC

This session will focus on issues and logistics associated with doing business with China, including an overview of import/export issues, regulatory and customs negotiations, supply chain management, factory relocation, business expansion, resource definitions and allocations, and product quality assurance.

Mr. Wong is also a Senior Consultant with California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC), a non-profit corporation organized by the U.S. Congress and funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the State of California. Mr. Wong’s current position with CMTC specializes in helping business dealings between China and the US.


Global Sales and Marketing
Session Leader
- Dick Jensen, Vice President and General Manager, Namics Technologies, Inc.


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