NTCµ Hands-on Factory Training Workshop
Sunday, November 14
9 am - 5 pm

The National Training Center for Microelectronics (NTCµ), located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is an extension of Northampton Community College. NTCµ is the recognized leader in microelectronics manufacturing industry training and is known for clear, concise “hands-on” training courses specializing in hybrid, RF and related technologies. All courses carry Continuing Education Units (CEU) which earn credit toward your degree. Website: www.northampton.edu/ntc.

The hands-on workshops sell out quickly and enrollment is limited, please check for availability.
Email Rayma Gollopp (rgollopp@imaps.org) or call 202-548-4001 ext. 711

In the past the “hands-on” course has sold out early and were an overwhelming success. IMAPS, in partnership with the National Training Center for Microelectronics (NTCµ) is again offering technical training sessions designed to provide attendees with a “hands-on” learning experience. Enroll early as class size is limited!

Wirebonding (how to) for Operators and Technicians
Enrollment limited to 10 students
Instructor: Thomas J. Green, National Training Center for Microelectronics

Workshop Summary:
This course is intended as a practical “hands-on” set of laboratory exercises to allow the operators to really understand the wire bonding process. An experienced industry instructor will review the basic manual wire bonder equipment design and setup and explore how machine settings such as power, time, force and stage temperature affect the bonding process. Both ultrasonic wedge and thermosonic ball bonding will be explored using the industry’s latest manual wire bonders. Students will also have an opportunity to perform wire pull and ball shear testing and visually inspect wire bond interconnects to gain further insights into the process.

What you will learn:
After completing the course, you will be able to:
• understand the basics of thermosonic and ultrasonic wire bonding
• recognize visual defects and how to prevent them
• learn how to do wire pull and ball shear testing
• know how to set up and use manual wirebonding equipment

Who Should Attend:
This course is intended as a beginning to intermediate level course for operators, technicians and others with limited wire bonding experience interested in a practical “hands-on” tutorial.

Tom Green has eighteen years experience in the microelectronics industry and presently teaches at the National Training Center for Microelectronics. As a staff engineer with Lockheed Martin he was responsible for the materials and processes used in building custom hybrids and RF microcircuits for space applications. Specific areas of expertise included wire bonding, die attach and seam sealing. As an officer assigned to USAF Rome Laboratories he conducted research on semiconductor failure mechanisms and analyzed numerous microelectronic component failures from Air Force avionics systems. He has published seven technical papers and is a member of the IMAPS National Technical Committee. Tom earned a B.S. in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from Lehigh University and a Masters in Engineering from University of Utah.


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