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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
9:00 AM
Mr. Scott Kulicke, Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc.

Kulicke & Soffa (NASDAQ: KLIC) is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor wire bonding assembly equipment. The company is the only major supplier to the semiconductor assembly industry that provides customers with semiconductor wire bonding equipment, along with complementing packaging materials and test interconnect products that actually contact the surface of the customer’s semiconductor devices.

The keynote address will discuss how electronic/digital products are creating new engineering requirements and challenges in semiconductor manufacturing processes and how the K&S move to China has prompted important tactical changes within company operations. Lessons learned from recent semiconductor downturns are discussed from a Kulicke & Soffa perspective, as well as future trends and challenges in our ever-changing semiconductor environment.

Founded in 1951 by Frederick W. Kulicke and Albert Soffa, Kulicke & Soffa Industries has played a key role in the ever-changing technological semiconductor arena. During its first few years, the company engineered large-scale machinery. By the end of the mid-1950s, K&S had entered the semiconductor industry, specializing in solutions engineering.

The company grew in the first decade by staying at the forefront of technology and making a strong commitment to customer service. Only a fast-paced and innovative company could survive the rapidly changing demands of a technological society. K&S’s automated assembly equipment and materials were in high demand by semiconductor manufacturers. At the turn of the century, the company had reached its goal of becoming the largest supplier for the packaging assembly industry, offering equipment, packaging materials, advanced packaging technology, software and, through acquisitions, wafer probe card and package test solutions.

Such enviable success did not come by chance. Through its half-century history, K&S has reassessed, reorganized and reinvented itself while investing heavily in R&D. The company grew in each semiconductor cycle since its founding and, due to leaner manufacturing, faster delivery and a “continuous improvement” strategy, it has consistently achieved higher quality combined with greater customer satisfaction.

Strategic partnerships and acquisitions helped broaden its assembly equipment product lines and to increase its expendables and materials businesses. These factors, combined with dynamic, forward-thinking leadership, multi-talented management and a diligent skilled workforce, have maintained K&S’s position as a world-class global semiconductor corporation.

Mr. C. Scott Kulicke became Chairman of Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. on October 1, 1984 after serving as President and Chief Executive Officer since 1980. He was Executive Vice President from 1978 to 1980 and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1975.

Mr. Kulicke first joined Kulicke & Soffa in 1973 as Manager of Far East Operations based in Hong Kong. In this capacity, he directed all K&S sales and service operations throughout Southeast Asia, Japan and India. On his return from the Far East, he assumed responsibility for all marketing activities outside the U.S., as International Marketing Manager. In 1975 he became Product Manager in charge of the engineering team, which designed the K&S Model 1412 Automatic Wire Bonder. This machine marked K&S’s transition from mechanical machines to computerized systems.

Scott Kulicke was educated at Lafayette College, and graduated from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania, with a degree in economics. His wife, Danielle Volckmar Kulicke, is a Doctor of Psychology practicing in Ft. Washington, Pa.

Mr. Kulicke is a past President of SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) and served as a SEMI Director for eight years. He also served as one of the founding Directors of SEMATECH, the consortium of U.S. semiconductor manufacturers and the U.S. Government for manufacturing competitiveness; was the founding Chairman and former director of SISA (Semiconductor Industry Suppliers Association) formerly known as SEMI/SEMATECH, Inc., an organization of semiconductor equipment and materials suppliers supporting the goals of SEMATECH; and served as Chairman of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Technical Advisory Committee on Semiconductors.

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